Let Me Hold You

I had a dream to match this lovely song...

I know what it means...do you?


I am at work, phasing out, blanking out in the middle of things or just finding myself with nothing to do. Maybe I'm tired...sleepy...suffering from after-rush + quick U-turn into depressing mode thing...

Decode people...decode! Try to keep up.

*I'm sure you understand how wierd I'm feeling right now. Sorry.

Wait. Should I even be apologizing? Hmm...


Confused Shopping

I went to the supermarket by myself the other day, and as I was heading to the cash registers I was beckoned, quite enthusiastically, by the worker that puts the bought items in the bags to the cash register he was stood at. And I was like, "Okay. Fine. I'll pick your lane today." Now, I had gone shopping for only a few items and so I was carrying my stuff in a basket rather than pushing them along in a trolley, and I happened to also be carrying a 4kg box of detergent (because it didn't fit in the basket) and so this same guy comes up to me and carries the box for me and proceeds to empty my basket on to the conveyor belt.


I don't know if you noticed, but I refered to this guy simply as "the worker." And I did that intentionally because, frankly, I'm quite confused as to what his job really is. Does his job description include: push trolley, retrieve forgotten items from shelves, bag items, carry things for customers, empty items into customer's car, mop the floor, bring change from neighbouring cash register...? I doubt it. But they seem to be taking over that way. I mean next thing you know, they might flip out their wallets and pay for the stuff too.

It's ridiculous. Who do I blame for this confusing and bizarre phenomenon? Us, ofcourse...we...the people, who have become so dependant, so willing to have others do things for us, in return for some petty cash. And these poor guys need it so they do what they can...anything and everything.

Well, listen here mister...I can carry my own stuff, push my own trolley and I can damn well choose which cash register I'm going to pay at!

Sigh ... enough venting? Yes. I think so.

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