Tag: If I win KD 1,000,000...

Let's see...

Well I would definately give my parents some, 50,000 each let's say. Then my two sisters and my brother...20,000 each for them. So I now have 840,000...

Invest 100,000. In the stock market perhaps...

I'd buy land here in Kuwait. A loft/apartment somewhere else...Dubai perhaps.

Give to charity...Fighting hunger, desease and illeteracy.

The numbers are a bit vague now, but I'd say those were my main concerns right now. Oh yes, and I've always wanted to have my own university for the gifted. I can imagine the smart uniforms, the lucious interiors, and the excellent quality education of course. Only that dream is rather far-fetched so...we'll leave it at that for now!

How about you? What would you do with a million KD?


Back for More: Part II

Read part I here.

He watched her while she danced amidst the crowds, her red waves bouncing around her face. He hated parties. He always felt out of place. This time it was his best friends birthday and he had to be there. So there he was, sitting at the bar, where he always sat at parties he was dragged to. But tonight she danced and he was glad he came.
She could feel his eyes follow her as she danced. She chuckled to herself. Out of all the guys in the room, she had caught the eye of the weirdo who comes to parties and sits at the bar all night. Then again, she had always had a thing for weirdos. They were far more interesting than all the other guys. She turned his way. On other nights she would have probably let it go, but tonight she felt a little...experimental.
He turned round and ordered another cocktail. When he faced the dancefloor again, he did not have to look very far, because there she was, making her way over to him. He gulped as he fixed his collar.
She smiled.
He smile back. "Make that 2 cocktails please."


Tag: Flickr Mosaic

Put your answers to the following questions into the search field on Flickr.com and choose your favourite picture from the first page only and create your own mosaic here.

What's your name?
Your favourite food?
Your High School?
Your favourite colour?
Your celebrity crush?
Your favourite drink?
Dream Vacation?
Favourite dessert?
Your dream job?
The thing you like best in this world?
A word that describes you?
Your (Flickr) nickname?


Back for More: Part I

The sound of her heels ring in her ears as she makes her way down the corridor. She tightens her grasp and the leathers of her glove and bag rub against each other. There is no need to worry. This was strictly a business meeting. She would go in, get the job done and leave. She releases all the hot air as she exhales, straightening her pencil skirt as she faces the office door.
Time is the most difficult thing to deal with, he thinks. There was never enough of it at times, at others like now, there was so much of it there would be little room left for anything else. He wipes the droplets of perspiration from his forehead with his handkerchief and he pulls his tie up to his throat. This shouldn't be so difficult. Strictly business ofcourse. Lost in thought, he does a double take when he glimpses her silhouette through the translucent glass in the door.
She raises her hand to knock on the door.
He picks a piece of thread from the sleeve of his jacket, and he lifts his chin up.
She takes a deep breath.
He breathes deeply through his nose.
It's only my ex behind that door, they both think.


Tag: Summertime

The coming of a new season is a happy time. Summer makes me think of ice cold tangy drinks, swimming pools, and straw fedoras. Oh yes, and tennis of course! A new season is also a time to seriously think about...your wardrobe! Here's a summer-fashion inspired tag I hope you all enjoy.

I will always wear:
Jeans! It's such a diverse item of clothing. Comfortable, classic...for everyday.

I will never wear:
Ankle bracelets. I don't like the vibe they give...

My bad-clothes-day advice:
Keep it simple. Less is always more. And put a smile on, that always helps.

I know I look great when:
I feel great.

Smart travel tip:
Think, then pack. Bring items you can play mix and match with.

To me summer means:
A long and relaxing holiday.

I tag: Amethyst, Angel and Sou.


Cool, Calm and Collected

"I shall not succumb to your overused attempts at penetrating my strong soul. You might be able to wear others like rings on your fingers, but it's only because they cannot see past your fragile mask. I, on the other hand, let you do your thing, smiling on the inside at your naivety. You're only a boy in a man's body..."

I found some cool short films on YouTube. Enjoy:


Fallen Art


Stupid Mistake

It's funny how one second you're feeling so confident...and the next you feel like a fool. You've always been prepared, always alert, always right. Then one day you wake up and you realise that you're only human after all. Everyone is only human after all. But after being on both your feet for so long, after being level headed for so long, then having a laughing devil make you trip, you fall face down, into the mud. It's embarassing. It's not fair. It makes you angry, it makes you scared. You wish you can go back in time and fix things. Erase this humiliating mistake, and make things right again. But we all know you can't do that. No body who ever wanted that to happen ever got what they wanted. What makes you think you're any different. You're not different. You're exactly the same. You are prone to all the mistakes everyone else makes. You should be ashamed of yourself thinking that you were so special. That things like that always happened to other people, never to you. Well there you go. Now you know. You are only human.

Today I learnt...
to always have my mobile open and charged. ALWAYS!
to never be 100% sure. Always check, check and then double check.
to be grateful that things turned out as they did. They could have always turned out worse.



I think I'm into the Arctic Monkeys thanks to X. Love you. Enjoy the song.


Tagged: Quirks

Tagged by Amethyst

These are the rules:

1. Link the person(s) who tagged you.

2. Mention the rules on your blog.

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

My Quirks:
1. I have double-jointed fingers.
2. I talk to myself in the car, when I'm alone.
3. I hate scary movies.
4. I find very long nails disgusting, on both men and women.
5. I sometimes have conversations with people that exist but aren't really there.
6. I like it when it's humid.

I tag:
The Archer
Um Mit3ib

"Ooh! A Leaf."

Exams have kept me. Now I only have one left, so I can kind of let myself off the hook.

"After struggling all day to find a topic for my exam essay, and after giving up and watching a depressing romantic movie on T.V., I suddenly got inspired at 1:40 AM, just as I got ready to sleep. Afraid that the thought might disappear as quickly as it had appeared, I jumped out of bed (leaving the cozy warmth only to tread on the ice cold ceramic floor) to get a piece of paper and pen, so I can jot the idea down. I grab what I can find as quickly as I could as my feet could not endure the cold any longer, and end up back in bed with a torn piece of paper and a pink colouring pencil. Oh well, it'll have to do. So I start writing as fast as I can, but before I could even finish the first sentence, the pencil breaks. Yup! It broke! Urgh! I look at the bedside table, there has to be a pen here somewhere, there usually is. Oh yes. The green pen that spills ink everywhere!...So I put pen to paper, and...Oh darn! Let's hope it comes back to me in the morning..."

Something I wrote the other day. Yes, it really happened!

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