Nothing Really Matters To Me

Insecurity...ring a bell? Why do people feel insecure about their quirkyness??? I love talking to myself in the car! I do it all the time...AND I LOVE IT!
Why is it so easy for people to shut out all things good and focus on all things bad?!
People...love who you are! Have confidence in your "self"
"Reste integre a toi meme"

I dedicate the song "Goodnight and Go" by Imogen Heap to a certain M.


Check this out
Do you feel like you were born in the wrong decade?!?!
YES! I want to be a teen in the 80's ;(



Okay...I've made up my mind. I'm not going to trust...it's so easy to be let down. People should seriously learn to keep things to themselves more often! Those who trust so easy, and those who aren't trustworthy...funny how it goes both ways.

On a more lighter note...the weather has taken a fabulous turn ;P Wonder how long this'll last.

Project: Home Theatre has started full speed. I know we're all going to love it once it's done. It's going to be great.

I'm having huge attitude problems...turning SO mean all of a sudden. Problem is, lots of people find it amusing...I'm wondering about what exactly I should do :P

Here's a video of a phenomenal artist. Kaki King plays the guitar like nobody else. Enjoy!


Let me tell you something my dear...

Well the heat seems to have gotten to everyone. I had trouble finding human beings outside today, save for the tough ones that could find a spot of shade. I miss summer, but I probably forgot how extreme it can get!

I don't know who to trust anymore! And for some reason, I don't seem to care. If people can't keep their mouths shut well that's their problem, right? Not mine! "Fix yourself" is all I've got to say!

I want to be busy...it's not happening yet this semester! I think this idleness is part of why I'm feeling frustrated...


The Beat

I watched this commercial on TV, and I loved it! It's so energetic, lively, edgy.
I dedicate it to a friend, X. Reminds me of you :)

When they say boys can't be only friends with girls for long, I always think they're exaggerating. But it seems in many cases it's true. *sigh* Why can't things be as simple as they are in my head?



I'm writing this post on a computer with a sucky keyboard. Yes it's in the lab! I'll try not to make any typos because of it, but if I do please forgive me!

I skipped class today...I feel a little guilty :( I almost made it on time but it took ages till I found a parking slot. I almost gave up after the gazillionth time round so I decided to go to Shuwaikh to run some errands but the road was SO congested with traffic that I didn't think twice about going back to "doing the rounds" :P So anyway, by the time I found a slot I was 20 minutes late for class so I decided to spare myself the embarrassment of entering late, so I skipped!

So we went to Nino to celebrate D's birthday...we had great fun, the food was great, the music peculiar, the conversations not what you'd expect :p

Happy Birthday D :)

Does anyone know where I can find home theatre seats here in Kuwait?


You Sir! How about a shave?!

I know that in comparison to a lot of people out there, I'm considered awefully optimistic...Is there something wrong in seeing the good in people rather than the bad?! Why do I find it hard to believe what people say, especially if it's bad-mouthing others, until I see it with my own eyes or hear it with my own ears? And what does it mean when I never see it with my own eyes, or hear it with my own ears? Are the people lying? If so then which people? The ones who claim others are bad? Or the ones that are always nice, unlike their reputations?

* * *

I watched Sweeney Todd :) Pretty graphic but Depp, Bonham-Carter and Burton deliver amazingly as usual. Highly recommended. Not for the faint of heart though ;)


Ice Cubes and Peaches

I love the March cover of Vanity Fair magazine! It's FABULOUS! Words can't even describe it's beauty. A little too much? Judge for yourself :)

The issue also contains re-do's of Hitchcock stills and photos of upcoming stars in great shots. Visit their website to view these and more superb photos. Could one ask for more???

Feeling very political

I did it, I cut my hair :)



I think I've posted about this before...maybe in my old blog...but don't you just love to dream?

The feeling you feel when you wake up and remember the dream you had the night before...the one that seemed so real! I feel elated when this happens...

Do you think animals dream? I think they do. My cat twitches when she sleeps sometimes :P So presumably she's dreaming right?

I'm looking for a suitable image to go with this post, but I realised how difficult it is to depict dreams visually. So I've decided not to post an image for now...how would you depict "dreams" in the form of a drawing or a painting or a photo??? If you'd like to try and actually do this please send your work to f_heart88@hotmail.com and I'll post them to go along with this post :)



So I haven't been feeling excellent lately. Plus, whenever I feel like blogging, I find myself searching for something to say, in vain! But I'm going to pull myself together and try to post something now. :D

***There's a programme on TV right now with a certain "Sheikh" talking about segregation...It's pissing me off!***

I'm not settled with school yet, though I feel buried in busy-ness already...which is weird. But still. I don't like how it's making me feel.

***refer to previous statement in between three astrexes***

I'm eating A LOT. A LOT!

I haven't come round to doing anything to my hair yet! It's frustrating me! I have to pull my act together and do something about it!


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