I think I've posted about this before...maybe in my old blog...but don't you just love to dream?

The feeling you feel when you wake up and remember the dream you had the night before...the one that seemed so real! I feel elated when this happens...

Do you think animals dream? I think they do. My cat twitches when she sleeps sometimes :P So presumably she's dreaming right?

I'm looking for a suitable image to go with this post, but I realised how difficult it is to depict dreams visually. So I've decided not to post an image for now...how would you depict "dreams" in the form of a drawing or a painting or a photo??? If you'd like to try and actually do this please send your work to f_heart88@hotmail.com and I'll post them to go along with this post :)


Amethyst said...

I used to be okay with dreaming, bas now I have this dream very often, and it just scares me;\

I'll come up with something and send it to you:)

Kaileena said...

My dreams are something else! Either I wake up sooo glad it was a dream..or I wake up mayta mn il qahar it was just a dream =[

I'll look for something to send you inshalla!

Dear one thats a sign of stress! relax.

eshda3wa said...

usually when i dream i wake up the next day pretty exhausted!
i prefer being just out of it!

N. said...

I'd pick an image of a person sleeping. But depicting dreams? I don't know.. maybe a blend of colors. Rather, it would be a single image of multiple things happening at the same time all over, totally unrelated, but all affecting each other. I'm bad at graphics but thats the image I see in my head.

Glitter said...

My dreams are violent, cruel, and harsh ..

My sister however always dreams of beautiful things, peaceful and calm..

What does that say abt us, I wonder? :/

F. said...

Amethyst: Thanks for the pic. I'll post it with the others when they come. And relax!

Kaileena: So true.

Eshda3wa: But it's fun!

N.: That is interesting. How they're separate yet connected, and so true :)

Glitter: That must say a lot. But who am I to say... :P

Dream on!

Anonymous said...

Simooooonity Dreams!? Ciyoooot ^-^

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