At Last

Why do we find people who are different than us awkward...?

Why aren't we willing to give them a chance?


The 5th annual English Day is coming up...Poetry and paper reading in Al-Otaibi building, Kaifan Campus at 12:30 pm on Wednesday 30th April...and the drama, art and musical show in Othman AbdulMalik Theatre in Shwaikh Campus at 4 pm on Thursday the 1st of May.

The English Department has shown great promise on previous occasions and this one should be no exception. We can do magic! Don't miss the show.

My sister's graduation ceremony was yesterday...I'm so proud of her. She's something that one...love you ;*

I feel artsy...listening to music right now...looking at art...thinking about the books that are waiting to be read, the movies that are waiting to be watched, the stories waiting to be written. I want to dance! *siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*

For some reason I had lots of stuff to say, but it seems like this is all for now.



I Need You Boo

I went to the KU and Primary Education music concert tonight. It was lots of fun. Most of the music was very good if not really great. I had a great time. The evening ended with a surprise first time performance of Jason and Medea a play prepared especially for The English Day. It was very good despite the technical errors with sound and stuff.

So I dragged my sisters along. They didn't want to come, but I forced them. Not a very good idea. They impatiently waited for the songs they knew and were often distracted by other stuff during the songs they didn't know. At a certain point they went into fits of clearly audible laughter at a lady who didn't have a bra on, but desperately needed one...! I tried nudging, pinching, shushing but to no avail. I decided to concentrate on the show (the musical one, that is!) and to never force anyone to do anything...

Okay, I don't think I'm going to stick to that last statement...One has to be practical, and I might need to force one or two people to do stuff still...

I feel like downloading songs...illegally!


Hidden Camels

I'm in my bedroom and my two siblings are pretending to be musicians while I prepare to write this post.
"Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit" "F-A-C-E" Do you know your musical alphabet?

I came up with this line before I had a shower this morning, I thought it was very good :P
"That's where you are mistaken my dear. Making students suffer will never cease to amuse me."

Or something like that anyway.

My brother is now reading the atlas with an English accent...yes he takes after his sister but it's very annoying.

Exams and presentations are on a roll. I need time off. Studying semantics is PURE TORTURE!My uncles have lent me a couple of movies (Man to Man and Before Sunset) that I want to watch, and that's not going to happen anytime soon. I can tell!

My sister is arriving from Canada in two days. I'm excited. Not because I can't wait to unwrap my birthday gift :)

I better get back to Semantics: A Coursebook cuz it's definately not going to study itself!



I had the longest day ever...in fact, I have had the longest WEEK ever, and it's not even done yet!

Anyways, I'm going to a party tomorrow, and an opera the day after so I hope I feel better by next week ;P Oh wait! I think I have a presentation due Sunday! ARGGHHH!

I have some kind of story which I started writing a while back when I was SO into this type of music. I was SO inspired and I had the whole story mapped out...it was beautiful...but it was also all up in my head...meaning I had to get it down on paper or up on screen or which ever you like...

I need to start a new line cuz that was just crazy...

So, anyway, I started writing it...but I stopped before I was done. And now, I'm not inspired anymore. I mean, I still know and love the story very much, AND the music that began it all for that matter, but I think I've lost my muse. I really want to finish the story...but how can I go back to it?

If you tell me I might post it up so you all can read it :)

I was going to post a video but YouTube isn't working, so I guess I'll leave that for another day.



I am 20 years old today...

I think I have Peter-Pan-syndrome...not wanting to grow up...sigh! I know I'm not going to feel much different...it's just the prospect of handling more serious stuff, having more responsibilities...but that's inevitable right? Ugh! Why can't I just enjoy this like all normal people?!

So anyway, I thought I'd give you all a gift to celebrate. I'm going to give each one of you a chance to ask me whatever question you choose, and I'll try to answer them as best as I can.

Surprise me!





Master of Swish

Hey! I haven't blogged in ages...it's because of quizes and midterms and stuff...lots going on :)

So anyway, I came across the art of Giovanni Boldini...and this guy is absolutely amazing. He is very famous for his portraits. People would hire him to do portraits of themselves. They look like old fashion magazine photoshoots...I want one of those...

Anyway, so here are some of his paintings, enjoy:

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