I Need You Boo

I went to the KU and Primary Education music concert tonight. It was lots of fun. Most of the music was very good if not really great. I had a great time. The evening ended with a surprise first time performance of Jason and Medea a play prepared especially for The English Day. It was very good despite the technical errors with sound and stuff.

So I dragged my sisters along. They didn't want to come, but I forced them. Not a very good idea. They impatiently waited for the songs they knew and were often distracted by other stuff during the songs they didn't know. At a certain point they went into fits of clearly audible laughter at a lady who didn't have a bra on, but desperately needed one...! I tried nudging, pinching, shushing but to no avail. I decided to concentrate on the show (the musical one, that is!) and to never force anyone to do anything...

Okay, I don't think I'm going to stick to that last statement...One has to be practical, and I might need to force one or two people to do stuff still...

I feel like downloading songs...illegally!


Amethyst said...

The music was GREAT! I loved every bit of it. I left before the play though;\

Your sisters should have been sitting with us;p

When I force people, I make sure they will like what I'm forcing them to do. 3shan they don't rub it in my face;p

..::Amu::.. said...

great music...loved it all the way!!

eshda3wa said...


glad u had fun

and yeah its good u took the last statement back

sometimes u have to force ppl to get things done!

do0da said...

i miss goin to such events been ages since ive been at one good or bad :P

N. said...

It was good! I didn't get to see the play either, enshalla on english day. It was very innovative and a change from the usual weekend schedule!

F. said...

Amethyst: Can't wait till English Day

Amu: Glad you did

Eshda3wa: That's right...lol

Do0da: It's disappointing that we don't havemuch of these events going on, so it's always an opportunity that SHOULD be taken whenever one can.

I seem to have given you a lecture there...sorry about that ;P

N.: So true!

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