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The Make-Your-Own-Album-Cover Tag:

(tagged by Amethyst)

The Rules:

STEP 1 - NAME OF YOUR ARTIST/BAND Go to “Wikipedia.com”, hit “Random Article” (or just click the following link) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random The first random Wikipedia article is “The name of your Artist/Band”.

STEP 2 - ALBUM NAME Go to “Quotationspage.com”, then click on “Random quotations” (or just click the following link) http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3 The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the “Title of your first album”.

STEP 3 - ALBUM ART Go to Flickr.com, click on “Explore”, then click on “The last seven days” (or just click the following link) http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

STEP 4 - PUT IT TOGETHER Crop the image to a square format. Use Photoshop or similar programs to put the text together in any way you like.

Here's mine:

I now pronounce the following bloggers: Eshda3wa and Moos ... TAGGED!




Over a boy that is.

A boy I might never actually meet. But still it feels amazing.


*Snaps out of it*

I am feeling really excited. Dancing and listening to music much more than before. Feeling like dressing up and looking good. Like doing something active. Going out. I'm being optimistic about the job. Wanting to go on a summer shopping spree. Craving cool pools and a good tan. The sound of the sun embracing by body and sizzling it into a deeper shade of copper. Copper. Lovely colour.

*Realises she hasn't really snapped out of it*

I wish my mother all the best. Allah y5aleeha lina inshallah wala ya7rimna minha.

Same goes out to all the mothers of the world. A mother is the root of everything.

Hugs and Kisses.


Shocking and Not So Shocking

The inevitable finally happened. The parliament is now dissolved. By constitutional means.

The Emir has made a good decision, I believe...He's done his part, and it is now up to us, the people. It's in our hands to try and make change for the better. An end is always followed by a new beginning, so let's stay hopeful. But please, spread awareness about the necessity of making the "right" choice. If the same people end up in that Assembly...God, I wouldn't know what to say...This should be a wake up call. We have to seriously think about what's best, not only for us and for Kuwait now, but for the generations to come.

I'm so excited that I'll be eligible to elect this time around. It'll be my first time.

* * *

On to more shocking news.

I read today that talented actress Natasha Richardson died yesterday, at the age of 45, after suffering from a head injury while skiing. I read that she was hospitalized two days ago but I didn't think she would die. Poor thing. So unexpected. My condolences go to her husband Leam Neeson, her mother Vanessa Redgrave and the rest of her family, and to all her fans. She was a talented actress...


A Fruit Picker, A Missing Cat and Money in A Ditch

I was scrolling through www.MSNBC.msn.com and came across some wierd news I thought was worhty of sharing:

*Woman mistaken for monkey, gets shot.
Apparantly she was trying to pick fruit from her neighbours tree and, hearing rustling in his yard, the neighbour shot at her thinking she was a monkey. She was hospitalized and suffered a wound to the abdomen but is now stable. This took place in Malaysia by the way.

*Sofa Surprise: Cat found inside $27 used couch.
Watching a baseball match in Washington, a man felt something move inside his newly bought used couch. Upon closer inspection he found that a cat had managed to climb in through a tiny whole underneath and gotten stuck. This explained the previously unexplained meowing his wife kept hearing, ever since they had bought the used couch from a nearby store. After some media exposure, a man came forth and claimed his cat Callie, who had gone missing at about the same time he donated his couch to the store. Poor thing.

*Teen gives away thousands in cash he found.
Ater finding a stash of cash in a ditch by the road, a 16 year old boy gave away $11,000 of the original $18,000 to fellow students and school aide. When questioned, he at first said the money was out of his allowance, but later confessed to police that he had found it in a ditch along with marijuana and a set of scales. The money was collected back from the students but the boy did not face charges. The police called him "a good kid" trying to help those in need. With a drug junkie's cash.

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