Over a boy that is.

A boy I might never actually meet. But still it feels amazing.


*Snaps out of it*

I am feeling really excited. Dancing and listening to music much more than before. Feeling like dressing up and looking good. Like doing something active. Going out. I'm being optimistic about the job. Wanting to go on a summer shopping spree. Craving cool pools and a good tan. The sound of the sun embracing by body and sizzling it into a deeper shade of copper. Copper. Lovely colour.

*Realises she hasn't really snapped out of it*

I wish my mother all the best. Allah y5aleeha lina inshallah wala ya7rimna minha.

Same goes out to all the mothers of the world. A mother is the root of everything.

Hugs and Kisses.


danderma said...

Ashwa someone around is in a good mood :D

Keep it up o 3asa doom insha2 allah ... the weather is AMAZING!!!

AnGeL said...

did i miss something!?!
i'm kinda lost in here :p

did u get a job!? where? when?? WHY DIDN'T U TELL ME ya shagool!!??

i'm glad that ur in a good mood and happy ;)
inshalla doum love :*

F. said...

Danderma: Yeah. A lot of bloggers feeling down lately...Thanks a lot. :)

Angel: No you didn't miss much. I didn't get a job...just excited about getting one. :D

eshda3wa said...

allah ykhaleelich ur mom

oo inshallah dooom this happy!

marooned84 said...

I wish I'd feel like that someday!

Moos the Monk said...

Tell me who is he and I'll let him come to your house and ask for your hand in marriage from your mom...

well, maybe not! :-p

I smell a job? hmmm...

F. said...

Eshda3wa: Thanks so much. Same to you.

Marooned84: Oh it'll be great when you do. Definately worth the wait. LOL. :P

Moos: No! I will not spill the beans... :P About the job...I can feel it looming in the distance but with the crazy politics going on in the country...I don't think anyone's employing anyone soon...
Not too soon at least.
Oh and thanks for the offer by the way...I appreciate it. :P

Anonymous said...


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