Catching Up

Love Actually was actually...quite good. I expected more, but what I got was very good. (Yes, sometimes I'm hard to please...) I fell for almost all the charming Englishmen, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Alan Rickman...need I continue?!

I also watched Message in a Bottle. It was a good movie! Really romantic and sad...Don't you just love those kinds of movies? The ones that make you go "Awww!" That's what it made me do, I said "Awww!" But you know what...I realised something, and it's that I'm not so emotional anymore...I can't remember the last time I burst into tears while watching a movie...as a matter of fact I can't remember the last time I burst into tears. Full stop. I'm even reading P.S. I Love You, which I shall follow with the movie adaptation once I'm done, and it's really sad at times. I mean I can feel the sadness but I have failed to shed any tears...Good? Bad? I don't know...
Oh yes, and I never knew Kevin Costner was such a babe :P



The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

Long and unexpected breaks screw up my routine. Slamming the pause button right after the fast-forward one can break your cassette player.

(WOW! Great example F.!)

Lots happened, and because of the routine trouble explained above, I haven't really talked about any of it. Sheikh Sa'ad passed away. May God rest his soul. 2008 elections...I was excited on the day, but we all know how that turned out, so it's for the best if I keep quiet. Trust me. The results totally ruined my day...

(You said you weren't going to talk about it!)

Right! OK.

My friend got me Love Actually which I'm dying to see. I am craving a good romantic comedy and with its line-up of stars this one should be good. I got to watch those two movies I mentioned in some earlier post...Man to Man and Before Sunset. They're both worth watching really. Man to Man starring Joseph Fiennes was okay. I'd give it a 6.5 on a scale from 1 to 10. A mix of Frankenstein and Amistad, sort of. Before Sunset was better. A 7.5-8...Low budget movie starring Ethan Hawk and Julie Deply. Two people who have a genuine "thing" for one day meet again nine years later. The whole movie is just that one conversation they have when they meet again. Suprisingly, though, it's engaging, thought-provoking...just really really good.


(Stop saying "Right!")

Ok. That's it for this movie-review/multipe personality disorder post. Please come back again, I'll try and be more sane ;P



Don't you sometimes wish that you could be alone? No one but you in the world. Silence. Nobody to disturb, nobody to disturb you...just you. In an empty wide room, with a wall length window letting in the sunshine...white...

Just think about it...

You can do whatever you want. It's up to you to stay quiet, relax, meditate and indulge in the silent sound of the sun on your face...so warm it makes you shiver...or to blast the music, full volume and dance, screaming your freedom all the while, not caring what anybody might think, only because there won't be anyone there...but you.

This kind of blissful existence is what I wanted when I woke up today.



It's been a while...

You know what?! I'll save you the hassle and cut to the chase :)

Beside the fact that I had a bad hair day, and I forgot my sunglasses, so I was blind after 2 seconds in the sun...oh yeah, and I parked pretty far away from the campus gate, this morning went fine :)

My God! That read like a total ... I don't know, just read it again and you can tell that it was nothing like me...

I really need to speed up my reading, it's been 3 weeks (I think) since I started and I haven't made any headway with Tom Jones (or History of Sexuality for that matter!)... Let me tell you this though...part of the blame does not lie with me. I shall leave it at that, and your clever minds should be able to figure it out...plus, I'm probably the only one in class who's read this far, so...

All of the above was supposed to be posted yesterday but I went out before I had the chance to actually post it.
Today I feel fat, ugly and tired. After reading this statement you should refer to the oh-so-difficult-to-understand sentence in red. I so don't read like myself anymore!
I went to the material market yesterday...(ilblockat) cuz I needed to buy material for a dress I'm having made. I watched as the salesperson let roll a sea of weightless chiffon and let it ripple and dance happliy in mid-air, until it settled in an elegant bundle at my lap...I was mesmerized. It's wonderful how things that would otherwise be considered trivial, can at a certain moment cause someone so much happiness...
I don't want to bore you, and I would like you to read the whole post, so I'm going to stop here. I apologize if any sentences above don't read like normal English...let's just say that I didn't promise anything normal in this blog...so please bear with me. Until next time...

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