Catching Up

Love Actually was actually...quite good. I expected more, but what I got was very good. (Yes, sometimes I'm hard to please...) I fell for almost all the charming Englishmen, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Alan Rickman...need I continue?!

I also watched Message in a Bottle. It was a good movie! Really romantic and sad...Don't you just love those kinds of movies? The ones that make you go "Awww!" That's what it made me do, I said "Awww!" But you know what...I realised something, and it's that I'm not so emotional anymore...I can't remember the last time I burst into tears while watching a movie...as a matter of fact I can't remember the last time I burst into tears. Full stop. I'm even reading P.S. I Love You, which I shall follow with the movie adaptation once I'm done, and it's really sad at times. I mean I can feel the sadness but I have failed to shed any tears...Good? Bad? I don't know...
Oh yes, and I never knew Kevin Costner was such a babe :P


AnGeL said...

i didn't watch love actually yet :D and i think there is something charming about english men :D

and i LOVE message in a bottle, i was going awww throughout the movie :p and i had a thing for Costner ever since water world and another one i can't remember right now :D

and about your emotions give them a check up by watching an indian movie where Sharoh Khan cries, if that didn't get into you then your done with tears and emotions my friend :D :p

Amethyst said...

You need not continue about Englishmen;p

I'm reading P.S. I Love You soon:)

Do you think, as Literature majors, we overanalyze everything, and that's why we can push emotions aside at times?

F. said...

Angel: If I try that, I'll let you know :P

Amethyst: I've never thought about it that way...but perhaps it could be a contributing factor...I just miss my emotional self!!!

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