I want to post more. I practically think about posting everyday, but I don't have anything to write about. I haven't written any fiction in ages either. It's like I go blank every time I think of writing.

I guess I can let you know what's been happening with me lately, with some random updates a la Amethyst (because I love you A.):

Been into fashion blogs. Some faves: The Sartorialist - Go Fug Yourself
Started watching Grey's Anatomy. I approve.
Thinking of ways to lose a few pounds.
Feeling uglier by the day. Advice much appreciated.
I want to cook. Not bake. Cook.
Strangely thinking about having a summer cleaning session for my room. Linked to the feeling ugly bit, I guess.

Battery running low. So I guess I'll be off. Any advice on how to get my writing mojo on...or on anything for that matter is highly appreciated. Thanks.


Kiss of Life

I'm happy because I just:

Watched Michael Bublé Meets Madison Square Garden

Bought two new books

Listened to a great song

Kiss of Life - Friendly Fires. Enjoy:

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