I want to post more. I practically think about posting everyday, but I don't have anything to write about. I haven't written any fiction in ages either. It's like I go blank every time I think of writing.

I guess I can let you know what's been happening with me lately, with some random updates a la Amethyst (because I love you A.):

Been into fashion blogs. Some faves: The Sartorialist - Go Fug Yourself
Started watching Grey's Anatomy. I approve.
Thinking of ways to lose a few pounds.
Feeling uglier by the day. Advice much appreciated.
I want to cook. Not bake. Cook.
Strangely thinking about having a summer cleaning session for my room. Linked to the feeling ugly bit, I guess.

Battery running low. So I guess I'll be off. Any advice on how to get my writing mojo on...or on anything for that matter is highly appreciated. Thanks.


On-The-Rocks said...

greys anatomy is amazing

to lose weight look i to my blog

if you want to cook, just go in to the kitchen and create your own dish, think what best goes with the other ingredient and the rest would be easy.....

Q80thug said...

ugly help: get noticed ! :)

put on something nice and have a stroll in the malls, getting attention is good for the soul.

cleanup help: great idea for the summer, i learned a trick for cleaning up your wardrobe, specially your shoes: get a cardboard box and dump ALL of your shoes in it (new ones too). every time you need a shoe pick something out and later put it at the side and not back in the box. within two weeks you get two sets of shoes. discard or give away the ones that are in the box and keep the rest.

as for the rest of troubles, good luck with that. :D

Amethyst said...

I love you, too!;*

I love Grey's! And I finally have the time to finish Season 5 and catch up..

You are not ugly! I just saw you! Still beautiful as always!

Weight loss? Spinning!

eshda3wa said...

imbarak 3alaich elshahar babe !

Moos the Monk said...

ok ok ok...

Fact 1: you are not ugly, you are beautiful and I know that!

point 2: Grey's Anatomy? seriously? :-p

advice 3: Cooking? get a book... or download this application called "Mastercook" it's really helpful

suggestion 4: writing? hmm... here's step 1, spend at least 20 - 30 mnts a day just writing... anything that comes to mind, even if it wasn't fiction, or didn't make any sense... just get the wheels in motion... force it out... read your old notes... edit some old stuff... see how it goes :-)

Ruby Woo said...

I "cooked" kushari a few days ago. Try getting online recipes for beginners and watch fatafeat for some helpful tips.

SexBiatchEmoKid772 said...

I was just telling salma on twitter (cuz i'm cool like that yo!) that technology has enabled me to annoy people at a whole new level! yay you :p
anyway cheer up, to look thinner hang out with bigger people, to look prettier hang out with uglier people, to clean up your room and post more suck it up, I doubt ur doing anything better.
lots of love

F. said...

Abdulrazaq: I like that randomness in the kitchen...

Q80Thug: Thanks

Amethyst: ;*

Eshda3wa: 3alaina o 3alaich :) o 3eedich mbarak :P

Moos: Fact1: Gee thanks...
Point2: Yeah...it's not BAD!
Suggestion4: You writing guru you.

Ruby Woo: Seriously, Fatafeat is on 24/7at our place but it's daunting when you attempt somethingand it'sclearlynot as good as Nigella Lawson's :P

SBEK772: Hehe...alright-y then.

eshda3wa said...

i want to cook too!
not bake, cook!

yala teyeen nakheth cooking classes?

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