Back For More: Part III

I was swept by the epidemic of disappearing bloggers, I admit it. But I'm back, after a major blogger's block, and with the help of a dear friend, with a third installment of a story I began writing in the summer. Here are the links to the previous parts:
Part I
Part II

Enjoy. And comment!

Things always get hectic when exams are approaching. Her room was a mess. So was her hair. The dishes needed washing. So did her hair. But everything could wait until after the exams were over. As much as she loved to have fun, passing was a priority. She sat at her cluttered desk and flipped through her notebook. She watched as the pages fell rapidly into place when she stopped where she had previously left a napkin.
He laid the last shirt and tucked it in neatly before snapping the suitcase shut. He'd be flying across the country tomorrow to start his new job at a huge business firm. He was excited but anxious. He sat on the edge of the bed and let his thoughts drift to her. They'd had a great time the few times they'd gone out, but they hadn't seen each other in weeks. Something about exams. He wanted to see her before he left, but he didn't want to push it. It was lucky enough that they had gone on seeing each other after the party, seeing as they were nothing alike.
She pulled out the napkin and turned it over. "I'm having a great time. Me too." They did have a great time. She remembered how she felt at ease when they were together. Like she could be herself with all her quirks and not have to worry about being judged. He accepted her as she was. She liked that about him. She also liked...She also had a final she had to study hard for. She didn't have time to dwell on some odd match she'd made on a whim at a party. Whatever it was that they were, it would probably never have worked out between them. He was really not her type. She tossed the napkin on an adjacent pile of paper and turned back to her notebook.
He flipped through his address book and found her number. He stared a while at it, then closed his eyes and tried to think clearly about what he really wanted. He had to at least say goodbye. He dialled the number and tugged at his collar for some air.
She had only just begun to digest the information she was reading when the phone rang.
He pressed the phone to his ear and cleared his throat.
"Hey, it's me. How are you?" "I'm okay...a little stressed." "Me too...Listen, I wanted to tell you something." "Yeah?" " I really don't understand this stuff about factorizing linear equations, could you maybe help me out?" "...Sure, Judy."
He blinked silently as he heard the busy tone line. He put down the phone. This was probably a sign that he should just let it go.


Lo Cor De La Plana

Hello, everyone. Doesn't it seem like the blogosphere's been quite dead lately? Hmm, perhaps it's just me.

I'm sitting out on the window sill. It's cloudy, damp. It has been raining softly on and off all afternoon. The air is cool and the wind feels fresh. Lovely weather.

Today, I thought I might introduce you to a fantastic group of musicians. It is a group of 6 charming French musicians, who sing mostly a capella in a dying out dialect called Occitan, otherwise accompanied only by clapping hands, stamping feet and a few percusion instruments. Their name is Lo Cor De La Plana. I first encountered their captivating music at a small concert here in Kuwait. It was held at Mishref's AbdulAziz Hussain Theatre, and I remember bringing my little brother and my two sisters because I didn't want to go alone. We all did not regret going!

They say a picture's worth a thousand words...I wonder what they have to say about a video...enjoy!

This is them performing "Tant Deman" live (one of my favourites):

This is them performing live at a festival in Paris. They start a farandole (a festive dance):

Isn't it a wonderful setting to fall in love in? You find yourself holding a stranger's hand and then after a frenzy of kicking and turning and jumping you find that you don't want to let go...
Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post.

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