Well...it's been busy lately but the fuss is over. Most probably to make time for more fuss. But that's life, isn't it?

After the prize giving ceremony for honours students, and after watching the video over and over again with the family...I felt so loved. So I just want to say this, for the record: I love you all so much, proud to be one of you. This is just the fruit of what you have sown. My success is your own. Thank you so very much.

(That read like an Oscar thank-you-speech. :P Got a little carried away!)

(Oh and the rhyming bit was completely unintentional. LOL.)

I'm happy to say that I have finally gotten round to work on something...research paper-wise. When it's done I might give you guys a glimpse. Let's just hope I stick to it all the way through. Keep reminding me.

I've accidentally come across a German band called Tokio Hotel. And you know how sometimes you say things, or you make rules for yourself, like in this case, "I do not like to listen to emo teenagers singing about how they secretly love that nobody understands them." Well, I sort of can't help it sometimes. I'm stuck especially on two of their songs. And I listen to both the English and German versions (I prefer the German ones though. P.S. I am really really good with languages...I speak 3 and comprehend 2 other ones...but German is one language I cannot seem to be able to get my head around. But still I like the songs.)

I couldn't find a better video. This is a live performance in Italy, and the singing's in English. The song is called Monsoon (Durch Den Monsun):


Tags: The Butterfly Award and Favourites.

I humbly recieve this award for one of the coolest blogs visited by Borzaiga. Thank you.

Also, I was tagged by A Journal Entry. I hate "What's your favourite" type questions...They are so hard to answer because I don't usually have one ultimate favourite of thing of anything. You can probably see I'm getting nervous already. So bare with me.

Favourite colour: See?! I seriously don't have one.

Favourite getaway place: Bathroom? :P

Favourite perfume (guys): I love men's perfume in general.

Favourite perfume (girls): I don't have a favourite.

Favourite pj brand: Again. (What kind of question is that?!)

Favourite clothes brand in general: No particular one.

Favourite person in the entire world: Me!

Favourite country (not including your own): None.

Favourite car: Classics in general.

Favourite sport: No favourites. I like tennis, volleyball, diving.

Favourite sport player: He's not a favourite, but I like tennis pro Rafael Nadal.

Favourite spot in Kuwait: :/ Who makes these questions? I don't have a favourite spot.

Favourite animal: I don't like animals. But I like my pet cat.

Favourite movie: No favourites.

Favourite singer: No favourites.

Favourite day in the week: I like weekends most I think.

Favourite time of the day: :S Between 2:30 and 5:30 pm?

Favourite holiday season: Summer.

Favourite number: !

Favourite food: I like french fries. And soups.

Favourite chocolate: I don't know.

Favourite cartoon: Samurai Jack is pretty cool.

Favourite bloggers: The ones I follow I guess.

Favourite Flavour Ice Cream: Depends.

Favourite actress: No favourites.

Favourite nail colour and brand: No preference.

Favourite drink: Water.

That wasn't so bad. For me at least. Although I'd like to see what you guys thought after reading that list of boring nothingness...Sorry! Oh. And if you like the idea...and want to continue the list. Go ahead. Tag yourself.


Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

So my sister left for school last night...she's probably still somewhere in the skies right now. I just want to say I love her so much, and I'm proud of her strength and will power. The last thing she whispered in my ear before heading towards the gate was to find myself a job already, which made be laugh despite my watery eyes.

It is about time...that I get a job. I've been unemployed since June...I'm just not sure about what I really want...I'm not sure where to start, or where to look...(this is your queue to spill encouraging and full-of-advice comments :P )

My dad thinks I should spend all this free time writing. "It's what you like doing, isn't it? And you've got all this time...use it before it's too late." Okay dad. I'll just have to grow inspiration seeds outside my window sill and everything'll be dandy.

We went to the carboot sale at AUK this morning. I loved the atmosphere...it was so...I don't know...get-togethery! The weather was beautiful, the spirit was fun, and there were some cool stuff on sale. We should definately have more activities like this in Kuwait. Way to go Marketing Club (organizers)!

Here's a GAP ad I really love. I love these two (Claire Danes and Patrick Wilson.)

Question: How many times did I say "love" in this post?


Good Times

Hello everyone. It's been quite hectic lately with my sister back for the holidays and us trying to make the most out of her short visit. We went camping, had loads of fun with the family. We sang, danced, ate, played kids' games like "7ay Almeed." It was very cold. We played cherades and Uno till dawn. A Mcdonalds snack before going to bed.
That was last week. This weekend we went to the Khiran Resort. Again with the family. Again we danced, sang, ate, played ping-pong, bowling and air hockey...Again it was freezing cold. Again we stayed up till the morning, playing Truth or Dare...without the daring part. We celebrated my cousin's birthday and my parents anniversary on the 31st...then enjoyed a spectacular show of fireworks for the new year. I just love fireworks. They make me smile.

Anyway...I wish you all another year of love, of life, of laughter. I wish you all a happy new year.

Here's a very little piece I wrote while I was away...enjoy, and comment please:

At the 500M mark I sit. The cold wind pierces my skin like a thousand needles. The dark clouds invading the sky above, the sun forever trying to win back its place in the heavens. The sea an iron sheet of rippled steel, still but moving. At the 500M mark I sit. The quiet forces me to stay despite the ache that grips my bones because of the cold. The quiet intrigues me. It speaks to me, calm but tumultuous, silent but humming. At the 500M mark I sit.

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