Good Times

Hello everyone. It's been quite hectic lately with my sister back for the holidays and us trying to make the most out of her short visit. We went camping, had loads of fun with the family. We sang, danced, ate, played kids' games like "7ay Almeed." It was very cold. We played cherades and Uno till dawn. A Mcdonalds snack before going to bed.
That was last week. This weekend we went to the Khiran Resort. Again with the family. Again we danced, sang, ate, played ping-pong, bowling and air hockey...Again it was freezing cold. Again we stayed up till the morning, playing Truth or Dare...without the daring part. We celebrated my cousin's birthday and my parents anniversary on the 31st...then enjoyed a spectacular show of fireworks for the new year. I just love fireworks. They make me smile.

Anyway...I wish you all another year of love, of life, of laughter. I wish you all a happy new year.

Here's a very little piece I wrote while I was away...enjoy, and comment please:

At the 500M mark I sit. The cold wind pierces my skin like a thousand needles. The dark clouds invading the sky above, the sun forever trying to win back its place in the heavens. The sea an iron sheet of rippled steel, still but moving. At the 500M mark I sit. The quiet forces me to stay despite the ache that grips my bones because of the cold. The quiet intrigues me. It speaks to me, calm but tumultuous, silent but humming. At the 500M mark I sit.


AnGeL said...

glad you had fun :) it sounds like u had a blast ;p

and i just LOVE the piece, this is officially one of my favourite pieces from the ones u ever wrote ;)

A Journal Entry said...

happy belated new year!

i get really scared when playing 7aay il meed.. my stomach hurt and stuff.. i hate playing it!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i really like your writing =)

wishing you a lovely year too sis ;**

Think-Become said...

happy belated F, and glad you enjoyed your break with your family, a7la il ga3dat are with families :)

loved the little piece you wrote, yes it was so cold and it still is

PHILYRA said...

sounds like you had an amazing time!
Nice little piece of writting :)

Lordy said...

I miss those family days. I don't experience them anymore. I think we all grew out of them :( But they're fun. Except for the Uno phase. My relatives were hard core jenjifa players. You take Coat Bu Sitta lightly and you'd be ostracized for years. YEARS!

anamethystworld said...

Happy New Year!

That piece totally spoke to me.

Moos the Monk said...

Oh god! I miss 7ay Almeed!! though I used to call it 7ay Almeet... lol!

I very much like "500M", if I may give it that title :)

F. said...

Angel: I did. It was so much fun. Seems like an eternity ago now though...Thank you.

A Journal Entry: Strange.

Dandooon: Thank you! :)

TB: Let's hope the nice cold weather lasts.

Philyra: Thanks.

Lordy: Hehe. We play cards too. Some of us more addictedly than others. Good to have you back.

Amethyst: I'm glad it did. ;*

Moos: You may well give it that name. I'm glad you liked it.

eshda3wa said...

sounds like a lot of fun!

and as usual

beautifully written

Ruby Woo said...

maa7ib 7ay il meed lol I don't move, I just stand there still next to il bait :p

F. said...

Eshda3wa: Thanks love.

Ruby Woo: LOL...Nooo! That's not fun...you gotta give them a chance to come out... :P

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