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Which perfume are you?

Romance by Ralph Lauren

This scent is sweet, mild, and seductive. For the hopeless romantics, this perfume definitely tells who you are and what you're all about. Like this scent, you are cool and classy. Chamomile, freesia, oakmoss and violet, it's a captivating scent that captures all attention onto you.

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If you could capture 5 smells and put them in little jars...which would you choose?

Mine would be:
The smell we smell after it rains
My dad's smell
The smell of leather
The smell of barbequed marshmallows
The smell of books



School has started again...Didn't go like I thought it would. Which reminds me how things rarely turn out the way you imagine them. I think it has something to do with my romantic optimisim! (I humbly roll my eyes at myself) I imagine something to be great and awesome and perfect...and when it's not, well I guess it's just not...It doesn't have to be a disaster...just not the way I imagined it.

Okay! You probably are thinking..."What's F. talking about?!" So let's change the subject.

Tidying stuff up gives me a certain pleasure...an elated feeling. So does seeing stuff in a nice sophisticated mess!

I dreamt of an old crush last night. It was great to see him again. Put in mind, however, that I've never seen him before.


Newly ordered books for university will not arrive to the student bookstore till the second week of March. Wow!


Love Talk and a Tent

I wasn't going to do a post about Valentine's day, not because I'm against the whole thing, or because it rubs it in that I'm single (I'm happy and it doesn't matter) I don't know I just didn't want to do a post about it!

Just as spontaneous as this post is, you see, at our weekly family gathering, while the young generation dozed off inside the house after a long day at school, the aging generation reminisced about their love stories, and how they ended up with their spouses while lounging in the winter/springtime tent erected in the garden...not because it was Valentine's day though...It just happened spontaneously...What a coincidence though huh?! From the failed pursuits, to the arranged marriages...it was all so interesting and funny.


He was a bit of a fish really.

I've never been to Virgin and found the book(s) I wanted! EVER! >:(

The colour of pink grapefruit juice is HOTT...for a wall.

You know you need a makeover when your parents urge you go to do something different with your hair... <:(

Don't you hate waking up a couple of minutes before your alarm clock goes off???

My cat looks ugly when she's wet



What do you guys think of tattoos? Besides the fact that Islam says it's forbidden...If it was ok would you get one? What kind and where? Sometimes I think they're cute, but they're never attractive or appealing, and most of the time they're plain ridiculous. To have something branded on you forever...the mere thought of it scares me. Look at Amy Winehouse for example...need I say more? Her arms look like a graffiti-ed wall!


Here's a cool site I found: http://artpad.art.com/artpad/painter/...you can create your own art, really fun!

Here's my painting :)


Child Philosophers

While my siblings and I nerdily read in the back seat of the car, as Daddy drove us out for lunch, my 10 year old brother surprised me with this:

"Imagine all the insects in the world not having names before humans gave them names..."

LOL! He didn't even want an answer, he was just stating it. Reminds me of the philosophy of language I was learning about only last semester. I love clever kids!


Do you know people who have staple articles of clothing? I can't think of anyone I know personally, but I find it really interesting...Miranda Priestly (the boss from The Devil Wears Prada-Lauren Weisberger) always wears a white Hermes scarf somewhere in her outfit. Also, Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl...he wears this quirky scarf all the time...I think it's cute!

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