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Romance by Ralph Lauren

This scent is sweet, mild, and seductive. For the hopeless romantics, this perfume definitely tells who you are and what you're all about. Like this scent, you are cool and classy. Chamomile, freesia, oakmoss and violet, it's a captivating scent that captures all attention onto you.

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If you could capture 5 smells and put them in little jars...which would you choose?

Mine would be:
The smell we smell after it rains
My dad's smell
The smell of leather
The smell of barbequed marshmallows
The smell of books


Kaileena said...

Mine is "Ghost Deep Night"!

The five scents I would want to store:
1. Like you, smell of rain
2. Gazoline (lol I know)
3. Smell of newly cut grass
4. Smell of newly washed sheets (Downy,maybe?)
5. Smell of baking cake!

Kaileena said...

Lovely post, BTW!

Amethyst said...

Mali khelg asawi eltest;p

1. Books
2. Coffee
3. My mom's smell eli madry it's just stuck to her forever;p
4. Lavender
5. Pencils

..::Amu::.. said...

it doesn't work for me cuz i am too lazy to click and go to that link :p

F. said...

Kaileena: Yeah...Baking does smell great. Thankyou.

Amethyst: Tsk. I agree about the pencils, and crayons.

Amu: WOW!

Lala* said...

1. Fresh laundy
2. Baby Powder
3. Zanbaq
4. white musk
5. Gardenia

Wanted to do this test thingy , but F#$%ing United Networks BLOCKS this site..

I HATE YOU united networks!
Their service SUX!

God, i'm so tired I'm cranky..

"Eee laish el 3athaab, sekkay el laptop o ro07ay namay" <-- so0t el 3agel

Bs mino hl ayyam yesm3 so0t el 3agel ! :-/

outkasty said...

dishdashaT obooy
misbaa7 obooy
makhaddat omi lol
re7at il-bokhoor
baby johnson shampoweY

Lala* said...

1. Fresh *laundry* !

F. said...

Lala: Your favourite smells seem really interesting :)

Outkasty: Very local choices .. good for you :)

eshda3wa said...

it would be bukhoor
and bonfire
i love the smell of wood burning

bas mabe more

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