What do you guys think of tattoos? Besides the fact that Islam says it's forbidden...If it was ok would you get one? What kind and where? Sometimes I think they're cute, but they're never attractive or appealing, and most of the time they're plain ridiculous. To have something branded on you forever...the mere thought of it scares me. Look at Amy Winehouse for example...need I say more? Her arms look like a graffiti-ed wall!


Here's a cool site I found: http://artpad.art.com/artpad/painter/...you can create your own art, really fun!

Here's my painting :)


eshda3wa said...

some tatoos can be really sexy
but i would never get one
cz akeed ra7 amel
to have something on my body forever is too much.
too permanent for my likeing

Almost There said...

I wouldn't get one. They're too painful, and I can barely stand threading my cheekbones bel barber.


Amethyst said...

I think if I could get one, I'd get a butterfly at the base of my neck:)

N. said...

Ya salam lovely painting.

I don't think I'd personally get a tatto, even though they do look very cool! The reason is because I don't want to be stuck with it forever, I like change a lot.. so a tattooo would just be too much.

F. said...

Eshda3wa: I agree :)

Hussain: LOL

Amethyst: Interesting! But it's boney there...it'll hurt a lot!

N.: Thanks...I tried to go for an abstract feel :P
Yeah me too...Dark henna is a good alternative

do0da said...

I only want one tatoo on me if i can ya3ni but i cant so that sucks :P

bes it would be a certain clubs crest right on me chest where it would be if i had a footie jersey on

call it silly call it stupid but i seriously love this club this much im willing to "brand" myself with its crest but thats just me

F. said...

Do0da: That's pretty intense :P
Whatever pleases you :D

Kaileena said...

Hhhmm..if tattoos weren't forbidden in Islam and not frowned upon in our society and if I don't get one I'd die..I'd get a Fleur-de-Lis on the back of my shoulder lol

Nice painting! good combination of colors you've got there

um-miT3ib said...

eeee wede ele behind my shoulder or ib ba6ny on the side ta7at... those are sexy

bs rabe3 el kharee6a too much

falantan said...

real research proves that you're unlikely to be satisfied in the future by your current choices. (read Stumbling on Happiness). That alone makes a permanent tattoo a stupid thing to do :)

F. said...

Kaileena: Oh that is a lovely symbol...good choice. Thanks ;)

Um-Mit3ib: Yeah a little one that means a lot is always nice...but permanent...that's the problem!

Falantan: Yeah, I would have thought so.

Patrick E. Semaan said...

I love tattoos. I also have a thing for taking photos of people's tattoos, I would share the collection but some are a bit explicit.

They are temporary ones btw, they rub off after a couple of months + you girls got 'henna' you can have a lot of fun with that too..

Deema said...

I always wondered how can a person live with a drawing he believed in 20 years ago! even religious beliefs can change in less years!

then, i will hardly accept my wrinkles when i grow in age, so how about greenish wrinkles :D

i would definitely call myself the wicked which of the west! :o

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