He was a bit of a fish really.

I've never been to Virgin and found the book(s) I wanted! EVER! >:(

The colour of pink grapefruit juice is HOTT...for a wall.

You know you need a makeover when your parents urge you go to do something different with your hair... <:(

Don't you hate waking up a couple of minutes before your alarm clock goes off???

My cat looks ugly when she's wet


..::Amu::.. said...

well I wake up usually before my alarm goes off!!!

Amethyst said...

I usually find books I want there, but I haven't been there since they've made the place smaller.

I agree, but I wouldn't want my room to be that color;p

Hehe, you know you're going overboard when your parents tell you to stop doing things to your hair;p


All cats look ugly when they are wet;\

eshda3wa said...

i never buy books from kuwait
i usually enjoy surfing actual bookstores when travelling

Almost There said...

my cat has diarrhea, honey .. beat that.

and you just need me to braid your hair for you, thats all :-p

fruit + wall = no sense at all

and virgin sucks, i go buy books that i dont want there ..

F. said...

Amu: That sucks!

Amethyst: ;*

Eshda3wa: Well, what would you do if your supply of available to read books run out because you're having a break from school and you have all the time in the world??? You NEED a new book...?! :'(

Hussain: LOL

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