Tags: The Butterfly Award and Favourites.

I humbly recieve this award for one of the coolest blogs visited by Borzaiga. Thank you.

Also, I was tagged by A Journal Entry. I hate "What's your favourite" type questions...They are so hard to answer because I don't usually have one ultimate favourite of thing of anything. You can probably see I'm getting nervous already. So bare with me.

Favourite colour: See?! I seriously don't have one.

Favourite getaway place: Bathroom? :P

Favourite perfume (guys): I love men's perfume in general.

Favourite perfume (girls): I don't have a favourite.

Favourite pj brand: Again. (What kind of question is that?!)

Favourite clothes brand in general: No particular one.

Favourite person in the entire world: Me!

Favourite country (not including your own): None.

Favourite car: Classics in general.

Favourite sport: No favourites. I like tennis, volleyball, diving.

Favourite sport player: He's not a favourite, but I like tennis pro Rafael Nadal.

Favourite spot in Kuwait: :/ Who makes these questions? I don't have a favourite spot.

Favourite animal: I don't like animals. But I like my pet cat.

Favourite movie: No favourites.

Favourite singer: No favourites.

Favourite day in the week: I like weekends most I think.

Favourite time of the day: :S Between 2:30 and 5:30 pm?

Favourite holiday season: Summer.

Favourite number: !

Favourite food: I like french fries. And soups.

Favourite chocolate: I don't know.

Favourite cartoon: Samurai Jack is pretty cool.

Favourite bloggers: The ones I follow I guess.

Favourite Flavour Ice Cream: Depends.

Favourite actress: No favourites.

Favourite nail colour and brand: No preference.

Favourite drink: Water.

That wasn't so bad. For me at least. Although I'd like to see what you guys thought after reading that list of boring nothingness...Sorry! Oh. And if you like the idea...and want to continue the list. Go ahead. Tag yourself.


A Journal Entry said...

heheh u can clearly see i'm like u in not having a prefrence in most of them!

Amethyst said...

Yalla 3ad! Kela no favorites!

On-The-Rocks said...

i love your getaway place. a bathroom is sacred 7agi ana i just enjoy staying there for few times a day!!! sometimes when im blogging!

favourite person in the entire world: me !!!!!! 7addich thiqa, i like it

eshda3wa said...

so u really have no favs at all :P

Ruby Woo said...

I don't have favorites fa I didn't do the tag ;p

Nada Faris said...

The only thing we learned about you is that we can learn nothing..

F. said...

A Journal Entry: Hehe. Yeah.

Amethyst: Shasawi ya3ni?!

Borzaiga: Better than saying one person and having the rest of the world feel bad.

Eshda3wa: You see? What can I do.

Ruby Woo: Is that a hint that I shouldn't have done it myself? :P

Nada: Mwahahahaha!!!

Tiger said...

can we have a new post, its about time :), have a nice day.

F. said...

Tiger: LOL. Yes, sir.

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