The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

Long and unexpected breaks screw up my routine. Slamming the pause button right after the fast-forward one can break your cassette player.

(WOW! Great example F.!)

Lots happened, and because of the routine trouble explained above, I haven't really talked about any of it. Sheikh Sa'ad passed away. May God rest his soul. 2008 elections...I was excited on the day, but we all know how that turned out, so it's for the best if I keep quiet. Trust me. The results totally ruined my day...

(You said you weren't going to talk about it!)

Right! OK.

My friend got me Love Actually which I'm dying to see. I am craving a good romantic comedy and with its line-up of stars this one should be good. I got to watch those two movies I mentioned in some earlier post...Man to Man and Before Sunset. They're both worth watching really. Man to Man starring Joseph Fiennes was okay. I'd give it a 6.5 on a scale from 1 to 10. A mix of Frankenstein and Amistad, sort of. Before Sunset was better. A 7.5-8...Low budget movie starring Ethan Hawk and Julie Deply. Two people who have a genuine "thing" for one day meet again nine years later. The whole movie is just that one conversation they have when they meet again. Suprisingly, though, it's engaging, thought-provoking...just really really good.


(Stop saying "Right!")

Ok. That's it for this movie-review/multipe personality disorder post. Please come back again, I'll try and be more sane ;P


Amethyst said...

Love the painting.

Do NOT get me started on that break! All I did was lie in bed in read;\

As for the elections.. DAMN IT!

I watched The Air I Breathe. It's worth-watching, too. Twisted.

AnGeL said...

oooffff hate sudden breaks :@

i wish i even used it wisely !!! nooo

now after we got back to uni. i began to catch up on my readings :/ stupid i know...

i want a good romantic-comedy movie :( i want any good movie....(i want the movie when ur done :D )

the elections....i guess we all agreed not to talk about it :S

Sou said...

I'm not Kuwaiti, I have nothing to say about the elections.

As for movies, surprisingly, I've watched a couple of good movies on TV within the last week. Les Poupées russes being the last I watched. I haven't heard of the movies you mentioned, with the exception of Love Actually (I always catch the last 10 minutes! Grrr!)

Say "right" as many times as you like, it's a "I went to a British school, and I use different transitions" thing, hahaha!

Klimt? I love you more everyday F. :D As a matter of fact, I featured him on my art blog a while ago. :)

Kaos said...

Infact I found it extremely entertaining. Love the multiple personalities.
Regarding the elections. Its just so wierd when my prphecies come true and I did say we will wake up after the 5 district system and wonder wth? thats our representation?
The thing is the same people who fought for the 5 district system are teh ones who r disappointed by the results

F. said...

Amethyst: I might check it out then :)

Angel: I'll give it to you when I'm done :)

Sou: But we'd love to hear your take on our attempt at democracy...!
Les Poupees Russes sounds good.
Aww! Right then, I won't refrain from saying "right" ;)
;* Love you too.

Kaos: Thanks ;D
I don't think the bad results were a result of the 5 district system. I think it's the voters' fault. They choose the candidates based on all the wrong reasons...
I think the 5 district system is a good step towards a better democracy since it has so far proven to stop bad things from happening...like buying votes for example...

eshda3wa said...

just wanted to pop in n say hi !

F. said...

Eshda3wa: Hi ;)

Amethyst said...

You're tagged!

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