"Ooh! A Leaf."

Exams have kept me. Now I only have one left, so I can kind of let myself off the hook.

"After struggling all day to find a topic for my exam essay, and after giving up and watching a depressing romantic movie on T.V., I suddenly got inspired at 1:40 AM, just as I got ready to sleep. Afraid that the thought might disappear as quickly as it had appeared, I jumped out of bed (leaving the cozy warmth only to tread on the ice cold ceramic floor) to get a piece of paper and pen, so I can jot the idea down. I grab what I can find as quickly as I could as my feet could not endure the cold any longer, and end up back in bed with a torn piece of paper and a pink colouring pencil. Oh well, it'll have to do. So I start writing as fast as I can, but before I could even finish the first sentence, the pencil breaks. Yup! It broke! Urgh! I look at the bedside table, there has to be a pen here somewhere, there usually is. Oh yes. The green pen that spills ink everywhere!...So I put pen to paper, and...Oh darn! Let's hope it comes back to me in the morning..."

Something I wrote the other day. Yes, it really happened!


Amethyst said...

Fi fagrat pens b baitkum?

Btw, I always have paper and pens on my bedside table. Good ideas come in the shower or in bed..

F. said...

Amethyst: That is SO true about ideas coming to you in the shower and in bed! Why is that?!

RainyDays said...

SO true!

I have these weird inspirational idea at like 2,3 in the morning.

I guess it's due to the person just drifting away from him/herself,away from the world and everything and everyone that's surrounding it.

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