A Fruit Picker, A Missing Cat and Money in A Ditch

I was scrolling through www.MSNBC.msn.com and came across some wierd news I thought was worhty of sharing:

*Woman mistaken for monkey, gets shot.
Apparantly she was trying to pick fruit from her neighbours tree and, hearing rustling in his yard, the neighbour shot at her thinking she was a monkey. She was hospitalized and suffered a wound to the abdomen but is now stable. This took place in Malaysia by the way.

*Sofa Surprise: Cat found inside $27 used couch.
Watching a baseball match in Washington, a man felt something move inside his newly bought used couch. Upon closer inspection he found that a cat had managed to climb in through a tiny whole underneath and gotten stuck. This explained the previously unexplained meowing his wife kept hearing, ever since they had bought the used couch from a nearby store. After some media exposure, a man came forth and claimed his cat Callie, who had gone missing at about the same time he donated his couch to the store. Poor thing.

*Teen gives away thousands in cash he found.
Ater finding a stash of cash in a ditch by the road, a 16 year old boy gave away $11,000 of the original $18,000 to fellow students and school aide. When questioned, he at first said the money was out of his allowance, but later confessed to police that he had found it in a ditch along with marijuana and a set of scales. The money was collected back from the students but the boy did not face charges. The police called him "a good kid" trying to help those in need. With a drug junkie's cash.


eshda3wa said...

the kid nafs robin hood:P

steal from the druggie to help the poor

and the cat didnt starve!

F. said...

Oh I assure you the cat was pretty hungry...or not so pretty perhaps...

Amethyst said...

Lol, all stories were funny on some level;p

do0da said...

My friends cat used to do that :P it was her fav hiding spot

F. said...

Amethyst: When are you going to start blogging like before? Huh?!

Do0da: Make sure your friend doesn't give the couch away before checking... :P

Jester said...

Im a huge fan of the title of this post :)

F. said...

Jester: :O Where've you been? Glad you like it ;)

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