Hidden Camels

I'm in my bedroom and my two siblings are pretending to be musicians while I prepare to write this post.
"Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit" "F-A-C-E" Do you know your musical alphabet?

I came up with this line before I had a shower this morning, I thought it was very good :P
"That's where you are mistaken my dear. Making students suffer will never cease to amuse me."

Or something like that anyway.

My brother is now reading the atlas with an English accent...yes he takes after his sister but it's very annoying.

Exams and presentations are on a roll. I need time off. Studying semantics is PURE TORTURE!My uncles have lent me a couple of movies (Man to Man and Before Sunset) that I want to watch, and that's not going to happen anytime soon. I can tell!

My sister is arriving from Canada in two days. I'm excited. Not because I can't wait to unwrap my birthday gift :)

I better get back to Semantics: A Coursebook cuz it's definately not going to study itself!


Amethyst said...

LOL! I want to spend time with your siblings. They sound like fun;p

And your line seemse to match Dr. M's personality. I don't like him today;\

Semantics;\.. I'm taking it Fall Semester;\

Good luck;*

AnGeL said...

good luck with ur midterm ;)
our semantics is nothing like urs :D :D the class is actually funny :D

and i have no idea what u were saying in the first couple of lines in this post lol

hope ur sister arrives safe ;) say hi to her when she comes and make her come and visit our dearly beloved university :D :D

eshda3wa said...

allah y3eeenich!

The Archer said...

Tou9al bisalama inshallah!!! :D

Lol I can just imagine your brother :p hehe!

Bitawfeeq F.!

F. said...

Amethyst: Thanks hun :*

Angel: I don't care if your class is funny. It's still semantics XP

Eshda3wa: Thankyou

Archer: Ajma3een. Thanks :)

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