I had the longest day ever...in fact, I have had the longest WEEK ever, and it's not even done yet!

Anyways, I'm going to a party tomorrow, and an opera the day after so I hope I feel better by next week ;P Oh wait! I think I have a presentation due Sunday! ARGGHHH!

I have some kind of story which I started writing a while back when I was SO into this type of music. I was SO inspired and I had the whole story mapped out...it was beautiful...but it was also all up in my head...meaning I had to get it down on paper or up on screen or which ever you like...

I need to start a new line cuz that was just crazy...

So, anyway, I started writing it...but I stopped before I was done. And now, I'm not inspired anymore. I mean, I still know and love the story very much, AND the music that began it all for that matter, but I think I've lost my muse. I really want to finish the story...but how can I go back to it?

If you tell me I might post it up so you all can read it :)

I was going to post a video but YouTube isn't working, so I guess I'll leave that for another day.


AnGeL said...

Oi me make # 1 comment :D

second of all.....don't try hard on finishing the story...it will come back to u as easy as it came the first time...wait for muse ;)

i agree on the week alla y3eenich...but i'm looking farward for 2morrow and i hope we have fun ;)

see we actually managed to do something productive :D i guess :p

Hussain said...

I miss writing :-(
And youtube is a biatch! it puts the itch in bitch.
and is it the batter-licking story? because I loves that one... my elbow is dry, i know i might be sharing wayed bas i'm off to sleep.. ta-ta!

Amethyst said...

7ada it's a long week!

I'll see you at both the party and the opera;)

I want you to finish it! I want to read! I'll be your muse!

F. said...

Angel: As you said, we should do this more often.

Hussain: Yes, that's the one!!! G'night u!

Amethyst: I'll post it, or part of it soon ;)

Sou said...


F. said...

Sou: ;)


hm, how bout u post the first part,

e7na ra7 nshta6 taby n3arf the rest,

sha6atna btsh6ich

o THIS will be your muse ;p

Anonymous said...

Listen to mika again! u'll start writing soon. =)

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