At Last

Why do we find people who are different than us awkward...?

Why aren't we willing to give them a chance?


The 5th annual English Day is coming up...Poetry and paper reading in Al-Otaibi building, Kaifan Campus at 12:30 pm on Wednesday 30th April...and the drama, art and musical show in Othman AbdulMalik Theatre in Shwaikh Campus at 4 pm on Thursday the 1st of May.

The English Department has shown great promise on previous occasions and this one should be no exception. We can do magic! Don't miss the show.

My sister's graduation ceremony was yesterday...I'm so proud of her. She's something that one...love you ;*

I feel artsy...listening to music right now...looking at art...thinking about the books that are waiting to be read, the movies that are waiting to be watched, the stories waiting to be written. I want to dance! *siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*

For some reason I had lots of stuff to say, but it seems like this is all for now.



Amethyst said...

We don't find different people awkward. We find people who invite themselves to our break outings awkward. I'm willing to give chances if they are willing to back off shwaya;p

I can't wait til English Day!

I just finished crying over a movie. I feel weird.

..::Amu::.. said...

good luck :) for some sad reasons I just dont like that campus full of sad memories!

F. said...

Amethyst: LOL...I often cry during movies :P

Amu: Which campus? Kaifan or Shwaikh?

AnGeL said...

lol amethyst kaaaaaaak

can't wait for ED :D

..::Amu::.. said...


شباب الكويت said...

ماهي دعايه ..

ولاهو تصريح ..

اهي .. كلمة حق

بقلم / شباب الكويت

عطها من وقتك دقايق ..

وجانها عجبتك ..

انشر ولك الاجر .. ان شاء الله


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