I'm writing this post on a computer with a sucky keyboard. Yes it's in the lab! I'll try not to make any typos because of it, but if I do please forgive me!

I skipped class today...I feel a little guilty :( I almost made it on time but it took ages till I found a parking slot. I almost gave up after the gazillionth time round so I decided to go to Shuwaikh to run some errands but the road was SO congested with traffic that I didn't think twice about going back to "doing the rounds" :P So anyway, by the time I found a slot I was 20 minutes late for class so I decided to spare myself the embarrassment of entering late, so I skipped!

So we went to Nino to celebrate D's birthday...we had great fun, the food was great, the music peculiar, the conversations not what you'd expect :p

Happy Birthday D :)

Does anyone know where I can find home theatre seats here in Kuwait?


Amethyst said...

Umbaih, eli 9ar bel lab mu sij;\

I always feel guilty when I skip class, but I still do it;p

Shwaikh: akher shay come back el3a9er;\

I couldn't have used a better word to describe the music;p

Luv u;*

um-miT3ib said...

3omre masa'alt a7ad 3an class w galoly inhom 7tharaw.. kilmaan kashet;p

mako haiba;p


no guilt;p

do0da said...

LOL what year u in ? :P i lost the whole guilt thing ages ago

i live on campus, sometimes i wake up and im early all i need is to shower and go to class bes atkaysal o as7ab o wala 3al baaal :P

Kaileena said...

LOL! I never feel guilty..bs a7assib shkithir '3yab left to enjoy =D

F. said...

Amethyst: LOL...wallah 7ala!
luv u too ;)

Um-Mit3ib: I nearly always attend, that's why I feel guilty

Do0da: This is my last semester :)

Kaileena: %ofich you mis calculate and you get kicked out of class :P

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