The Beat

I watched this commercial on TV, and I loved it! It's so energetic, lively, edgy.
I dedicate it to a friend, X. Reminds me of you :)

When they say boys can't be only friends with girls for long, I always think they're exaggerating. But it seems in many cases it's true. *sigh* Why can't things be as simple as they are in my head?


Amethyst said...

Lol! I love the da3aya..

Really? It's true in many cases? Madry, I still have guy friends from PreK:)

Things aren't as simple as they are in our heads because people are not simple:)

The Archer a.k.a Lagoon Nebula said...

Loved it.. Reminds me of X too!
And by 'X', I do NOT mean ecstasy. :p

outkasty said...

I want to cut my hair this short =p

Sou said...

I wouldn't be surprised if X went blonde after watching this :p lol

Anonymous said...

aww!!... awesome!

F. said...

Amethyst: Sadly...

Lagoon Nebula: Hello. Wlecome to the blog. It does?! Wait do I know you?!
}:) Yes I do!

Outkasty: LOL...It looks really good on Agyness (the model in the ad) and on X ofcourse :)

Sou: She's been dying to do it, but parents don't always think the same way their kids do now do they?!

Anonymous: My pleasure ;*

eshda3wa said...

like the da3aya

as for the things in ur head...

they are that simple!
just dont ever open ur eyes :p

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