You Sir! How about a shave?!

I know that in comparison to a lot of people out there, I'm considered awefully optimistic...Is there something wrong in seeing the good in people rather than the bad?! Why do I find it hard to believe what people say, especially if it's bad-mouthing others, until I see it with my own eyes or hear it with my own ears? And what does it mean when I never see it with my own eyes, or hear it with my own ears? Are the people lying? If so then which people? The ones who claim others are bad? Or the ones that are always nice, unlike their reputations?

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I watched Sweeney Todd :) Pretty graphic but Depp, Bonham-Carter and Burton deliver amazingly as usual. Highly recommended. Not for the faint of heart though ;)


Kaileena said...

Hhmm there is a third assumption here, maybe the people who talk about the person are misunderstanding her/him. Or maybe that person is acting funny cuz of personal reasons!

But anyway..people who talk about others are not good.

Amethyst said...

There is nothing wrong in seeing the good in people rather than the bad. You find it hard to believe what people say because people like to exaggerate and polish up stories to their liking. Don't believe anything until you see it with your own eyes or hear it with your own ears. If not, then people are not lying, they are assuming. And that's okay. The people lying for sure are the ones who always lie. The ones who claim others are bad are doing it because they want to hide their flaws. The ones that are nice are stapled with their reputations because they are nice. Any more questions?

I can be Ms. A for a day, and we can have that discussion in class;p

eshda3wa said...

i like optimistic ppl
theres a big difference between being optimistic and naive !

as for sweeney todd
i have seen the actual play n i loved it
i still didnt get to watch the movie
but will very soon
i love depp!

outkasty said...

7addich nafsey, I don't believe it until I witness it o that doesn't mean inna i ppl are lying to me, la mo shar6, yemken ohma efhamaw il-ademi qala6, o 7a66aw estentajat 3ala keif-mukh'hom

F. said...

Kaileena: Very possible.

Amethyst: Ya3ni what I'm doing is right? Good. LOL...we should take turns being Ms.es and explaining things under our areas of expertese :P

Eshda3wa: WOW! I'd love to see the play :)

Outkasty: Thanks for the advice :)

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