Okay...I've made up my mind. I'm not going to trust...it's so easy to be let down. People should seriously learn to keep things to themselves more often! Those who trust so easy, and those who aren't trustworthy...funny how it goes both ways.

On a more lighter note...the weather has taken a fabulous turn ;P Wonder how long this'll last.

Project: Home Theatre has started full speed. I know we're all going to love it once it's done. It's going to be great.

I'm having huge attitude problems...turning SO mean all of a sudden. Problem is, lots of people find it amusing...I'm wondering about what exactly I should do :P

Here's a video of a phenomenal artist. Kaki King plays the guitar like nobody else. Enjoy!


nwnw said...

Oooh yeah ..first comment,
-shsalfat il trust?
-laish tibdon il project bidoony?
-what with the atitude? huh?

F. said...

Nwnw: Woohoo! :P
Salfat iltrust is that I don't think it's worth trusting anyone...I've been let down! :(

Bidaina bidoonich so that it'll be ready-ish when you're here

It's "that" time of month I guess :S

Amethyst said...

Hun, we've all been let down. It's like an emotional facade trend or something. Blekh! Don't let it affect you. Just make sure you trust worthy people. They'll earn it if they're worthy:)

Eljaw wai3;\

3alaikum Bel3afya the Home Theatre;*

Attitude problems are okay. *cough*
Just have attitude when you feel like it. It's necessary at times.

eshda3wa said...

maybe ur pmsing ?

F. said...

Amethyst: But it's people who I thought I could trust that have let me down. It might not be because they meant it...maybe they have this psychological need to tell others the stuff they only know...or maybe what I feel should be kept private, to them is something quite public...sigh!

Eshda3wa: Yeah I guess so

Kaileena said...

Whoa..magic fingaaaaas!

Rawr said...

Lol! at the attitude problem, I know how you feel, been there :P
it'll fade... someday.
but the funny mean-ness is fun, no? lol

Everyones got trust issues these days... No ne trusts anyone, no one should really. People will disapoint, its in their nature, as do we disapoint others.

The guitar playes is AWESOME!

F. said...

Kaileena: Yeah, no? I've been getting some negative feedback though, maybe it's the wrong choice of song. Listen to her tracks on the soundtrack of the movie August Rush...superb!

Rawr: It can be SO FUN! But that's the thing...I'm afraid I'd get used to it and be mean forever. Finally someone who agrees! About the trust thing... :) Thanks

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