Stupid Mistake

It's funny how one second you're feeling so confident...and the next you feel like a fool. You've always been prepared, always alert, always right. Then one day you wake up and you realise that you're only human after all. Everyone is only human after all. But after being on both your feet for so long, after being level headed for so long, then having a laughing devil make you trip, you fall face down, into the mud. It's embarassing. It's not fair. It makes you angry, it makes you scared. You wish you can go back in time and fix things. Erase this humiliating mistake, and make things right again. But we all know you can't do that. No body who ever wanted that to happen ever got what they wanted. What makes you think you're any different. You're not different. You're exactly the same. You are prone to all the mistakes everyone else makes. You should be ashamed of yourself thinking that you were so special. That things like that always happened to other people, never to you. Well there you go. Now you know. You are only human.

Today I learnt...
to always have my mobile open and charged. ALWAYS!
to never be 100% sure. Always check, check and then double check.
to be grateful that things turned out as they did. They could have always turned out worse.


Amethyst said...

Yes, we're only human, but some of us trip more than others;)

And hey, you ARE special!;*

AnGeL said...


ur human and every one make mistakes and the good thing is u learn from them ;)
and thank god every thing is ok ;) cheers.

btw u have the right (and i think need) to SHOUT be angry and scared...there is nothing wrong with it, i think it's better for u to release all this ;) and plus don't feel ashamed at all :)

and i quote..."MEMORIES...." :D lol love you :D

Glitter said...

Sweetie, that's life..
We're all bound to make mistakes!

These are some really valubale lessons!

I always go out o mobily ykoon 3l 7iffa- Never again!

Delicately Realistic said...

Ok im curious....what happened?!

PaLoMiNo said...

ana mobily dyman mafeeh sha7n ;s

bas hey girl.. Look at the bright side! a7esech wayed met-thyga.. nobody is perfect o kilna nswe stupid mistakes once in a while.. it's ok, that's how we learn..

oo mahma kant il mistake ekbeera.. kilshay laah 7aal sweetie..

D. ;) said...

Hiya sweeti it's been ages since i last saw you, and i really miss you :P
Don't worry love, things happen,and we have to learn to pick the peices. You live, you learn..it's as simple as that.

Okay, we seriously have to hang out!!!
love ya ;)

F. said...

Amethyst: Thanks love ;* I miss you

Angel: I'm so sorry I was such an idiot, and I appreciate all that you tried to do to help :P Love you too.

Glitter: LOL That's a lesson learnt.

Delicately Realistic: Well, I was going to screw up my uni life on the very last day...it sucked!

Palomino: Thanks for the kind words:) I appreciate it...I'm feeling better now

D.: Hey You!!! Miss you too. We sure have to keep hanging out. Thanks for helping out emotionally and physically...love always ;*

Eulalia said...

If i gave you a list of the things that I did wrong you'd die of old age before you would finish it :p

and you know what? everytime i look back at what i did i punch myself min '3aba2 ili feeni, finally staw3abt tht i HAVE to stop looking back.

This is the best advice i could give and i hope it helped ;*

The Archer said...

lol, I think I know what you're referring to. :p~

And at the end of every day, we're only human.. it doesn't matter how organized and how prepared we are.. those little things always find ways to creep up and surprise us.

Missing you. :(

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