Cool, Calm and Collected

"I shall not succumb to your overused attempts at penetrating my strong soul. You might be able to wear others like rings on your fingers, but it's only because they cannot see past your fragile mask. I, on the other hand, let you do your thing, smiling on the inside at your naivety. You're only a boy in a man's body..."

I found some cool short films on YouTube. Enjoy:


Fallen Art


eshda3wa said...

cool calm and collected

exactly what i need to be right now!

Amethyst said...

Love the quote, mn wain?

On the other hand, I so do NOT love the first short film. WTH?! He's such a jerk! And karma always (gracefully) steps in at the very end...

About movie two, what a great epitome of insanity.. Very disturbing.. But love the title!

Oranjina fadidra said...

am I a lil girl in a grandmothers body? Gosh that quote makes me go "hmmm"

Kaos said...

What are you quoting?

F. said...

Eshda3wa: Practice makes perfect ;P

Amethyst: I made it up...it sounded distant in my head so I put it in quotes...glad you like it.

Oranjina Fadidra: Making people go "hmmm" is always a good thing...glad you liked it.

Kaos: Nothing...I wrote it myself. Do you like it?

Ruby Woo said...

The picture defines me at the moment and it has been a long time since I was all those things..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

loved the movies!!
theyre both really good :)

N. said...

Those are some nice videos.. and thats a powerful quote..

F. said...

Ruby Woo: I hope you find land soon :)

Dandooon: Glad you liked them.

N.: Thanks!

d :P said...

F. I love the movies......both disturbing but yet some what very real.....in my world :P lool

missing you love ;)

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