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The coming of a new season is a happy time. Summer makes me think of ice cold tangy drinks, swimming pools, and straw fedoras. Oh yes, and tennis of course! A new season is also a time to seriously think about...your wardrobe! Here's a summer-fashion inspired tag I hope you all enjoy.

I will always wear:
Jeans! It's such a diverse item of clothing. Comfortable, classic...for everyday.

I will never wear:
Ankle bracelets. I don't like the vibe they give...

My bad-clothes-day advice:
Keep it simple. Less is always more. And put a smile on, that always helps.

I know I look great when:
I feel great.

Smart travel tip:
Think, then pack. Bring items you can play mix and match with.

To me summer means:
A long and relaxing holiday.

I tag: Amethyst, Angel and Sou.


Amethyst said...


I like the tag! I'm going to do it asap!


Ruby Woo said...

An attempt to rock the ankle bracelet was made, however, I failed to work it!

AnGeL said...

i hate tags :'(

ok this one is joining the one from Amethyst, so i'll do them when i have no idea what to post about and in the right mood for a tag :D

The Archer said...

lol.. smart thing not tagging me.. :p

Love it :)

Abeee ba7aaaaar!!! Yallah Mr. '3baaar. Please GO!

Fastidious Babe said...

cute pic u chose to go with the tag.. and ankle bracelets do give out a weird vibe xx

Coconut said...

everyone seems to like the summer.. I LUV WINTER!

eshda3wa said...

im a winter girl!

but like u i can never do without my jeans!

Oranjina fadidra said...

likewise Jeans rux a9lan I live in Jeans!
gosh were in the same page regarding ankle bracelets ;p
yes yes and yes; you wear the clothes not the other way around ..

F. said...

Amethyst: ;*

Ruby Woo: LOL...I don't like it!

Angel: Do it! It's not like you're posting much anyway...

Archer: They say it's staying for long :(

Fastidious Babe: Thanks :)

Coconut: Winter's cool too. You just miss the one that you don't have...you know what I mean?

Eshda3wa: :) Jeans are so practical

Oranjina: Glad you liked the post.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture! Wish Kuwait look like that right now... ekh!

Just curious...
What kind of vibe does a ankle bracelet give?

Anonymous said...

where are u of for vacation now?

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