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Put your answers to the following questions into the search field on Flickr.com and choose your favourite picture from the first page only and create your own mosaic here.

What's your name?
Your favourite food?
Your High School?
Your favourite colour?
Your celebrity crush?
Your favourite drink?
Dream Vacation?
Favourite dessert?
Your dream job?
The thing you like best in this world?
A word that describes you?
Your (Flickr) nickname?


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

(sigh) NES
angesh-ha mn ay mkan ;)

i miss school :(

Amethyst said...

What is the word that describes you?

The Archer said...


Cutest thing ever ya shagool.

Missing you F. :'(... Waaayid.

F. said...

Dandooon: You went to NES too? Yeah I miss it too!

Amethyst: Guess! ;P

Archer: LOL...I miss you too silly!

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