It seems the forces of nature have taken a disliking to me...

I went to bed with a clogged up nose, so I had to breathe through my mouth all night...!

Also, some workers decided that the-middle-of-the-night was a perfect time to drill a hole in the road outside my bedroom window...I swear it felt like they we're drilling at my head...and with the flu, that isn't really necessary since you've got the headache along with the clogginess as a special offer!

Last, but definately not least, at one interval where I had to wake up and then try and go back to sleep again, I felt a searing pain in my lower lip, and it felt like it was swelling pretty quickly...! This morning I wake up and I look like I had been to the plastic surgeon...those damn mosquitoes!!!


chika said...

heyy! hope you feel better soon :)

Amethyst said...



Salamat! Ma etshofeen shar! This is one hellish comination. As for the drilling, I know how that goes. I had that for two freaking years before our gentle neighbors moved in;\

do0da said...

hope u get well soon

im so happy i can sleep thru ne thing :P and as for clogged noses OTRIVIN for the win :P

Badrah said...

Hope you feel better soon :/
Im a light sleeper
law thebana ga3da tetmasha bara dereeshti , IM UP o I cant go back to sleep :/

eshda3wa said...


salamat girl

hope u feel better

F. said...

Thanks you guys, I do feel better now il7amdillah :)

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