Hey everyone!
It's been so long. I had to leave to Dubai very abruptly a week ago and I didn't have internet access so I couldn't blog. But I'm back now, so you'll have to put up with me again :P

Dubai was great fun despite the humidity...I love that place! I'll post some photos as soon as they're uploaded on my laptop, which is somewhere in Ibn Khaldoon street being fixed :(

My laptop isn't the only thing that has gone bust recently. My iPod Nano isn't functioning anymore either. It won't charge, and the buttons press funny...I'm upset...but is this a sign that I should get an iTouch?

I've been very hot tempered lately...I don't know what's going on, and it's upseting me and those around me...let's hope this bout of anger subsudes soon. One good thing that has come out of this though is that I've been spending more time alone, which has led to an urge to tidy, clean-out and redecorate my bedroom. Let's hope this urge stays put until the whole room has gotten the face-lift.

I have a load of new movies and books handy, so watch out for some reviews soon.

Sorry again for the long gap. Hopefully it'll introduce a new breath of life to the blog. :)


AnGeL said...

hey there, miss you a lot :) hope you had a good time in Dubai ;)

take your ipod to digits in marina and they might be able to help you ;) unless you want an excuse to get a new one :p

this is post graduate depression, i guess everyone is going through it, even when they can't tell :D

love u :*

do0da said...

dont u hate it when ur lappy dies on u :P a7is my life goes on hold when that happens im out of touch with friends sports news and my fav time wasting technique

F. said...

Angel: Hey. I miss you too ;) Yeah I'll try fixing it before I venture to buy a new one. Glad to say that I'm feeling better already :)

Do0da: I do. Except this time it's a hardware malfunction. Hope it comes home soon :)

Amethyst said...

Welcome back! Estanast lama sheft 2new posts;p


I love changing my room, but it's been the same since I started jam3a, so there goes another one of my joys;(

A Journal Entry said...

welcome back!

i could live in dubai.. thats how much i love it there =)

F. said...

Amethyst: Most probably. I hate waiting!

Journal Entry: I feel the same way.

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