The Sound of Music

So in case you haven't already heard, my iPod Nano went bust! I took it to the iPod guru at Digits in Marina Mall and he said the motherboard was infested with H2O molecules...Basically, getting myself a new iTouch would be a better choice than getting the old one fixed. Now it's only a matter of whether I should get the 16GB or the 32GB one...We'll see.

In preparation for this new purchase of mine, I thought I should make some sort of interactive post. All you have to do is list 3 must-have songs that you think I should have on my new iPod. How about it? 3 songs you think would add something to my music collection...Just for the record, I listen to all sorts of music, from all different genres, cultures and types. So surprise me! And sure enough, as soon as I get hold of the songs I'll be giving you feedback on what I think of the songs you chose for me.

Now I'm all excited so get typing. ;D


Amethyst said...

Mr. Therapy Man - Just Nozuka

Crazy - Nelly Furtado Cover of Gnarles Barkley

Fantasie Impromptu - Chopin


Delicately Realistic said...

I did that once and ppl commented without giving me song choices ! ;/

Im recently in love with:

Crush - Amerie

OOC - Mariah Carey

Thanks For Nothing - Mariah Carey

Im actually updating my music now, will let u know if i find anything worth while.

Coconut said...

theres so many great songs, i really cant choose just 3, so I'll just list the last 3 songs i've lisned to:

Imagine - john Lennon

Distance- neverending white lights

new light of tomorrow - husky rescue

Hussain said...

The Autumn Leaves - ATB

Boston - The Dresden Dolls

Humpty Dumpty - Aimee Mann


jesterat314 said...

Only 3?
What is Life/George Harrison
I Want You/Bob Dylan
The Only Living Boy In New York/ Simon & Garfunkel

You've got some really good choices from the comments above me.. however the ones bellow.. i'm not so sure about =p

F. said...

Amethyst: Mr. Therapy Man I've already got...so that isn't fair :P

Delicately Realistic: I'll try them out and tell you what I think.

Coconut: You can list more if you like!

Hussain: Where've you been! I miss you.

Jester: LOL...I'm open to as many suggestions as you want...I was going to ask for one each, but I got greedy so I asked for 3...I thought anymore might be a hassle...

Oranjina fadidra said...

I'm Yours Jason Mraz
Everything Michael Buble
The Last Night Skillet
RUBY Kaiser Chiefs
+ anything by mika o MAJEED

eshda3wa said...

7adi im not a music fan

bs must haves for me

sawa7 - 3abdel7aleem
i hate everyone - get set go
areo smith - dont wana miss a thing

D ;) said...

okay here is a little of something :P
-I'm too Sexy, Right Said Fred : because we all have those days :p
- Anything for fairuz! : she'll put you in a 'ladi da' kinda mood :P
-Konichiwa Bitches, Robyn: great when you have attitude :P

*miss you*

HQ said...

cool idea, i love telling people to listen to songs!

1. forever young- the youth group
2. superhuman - chris brown ft keri hilson
3. no it isnt - plus 44
4. let the flames begin - paramore

i wrote 4 if you dont mind ;p
enjoy ;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

bas 3??

ill give you some all-time favorites :)

freshmen - the verve pipe
the world spins madly on - the weepies
gravity - john mayer
stitched up - john mayer
my eyes - travis

oo im dont listen to arabic much, but the next few ones im hooked to:

awa5er elsheta - elissa
sahhar 3ainy - elissa
darb elhawa - dina 7ayek

Big Pearls said...

emmm..these days I am into

3abd il majeed-ye7lemon
meryam fares-ana mosh ananeya
mariah carey-ooc

..::Amu::.. said...

No time to listen to songs :/ life is so borin and hectic at present!

F. said...

Wow you guys...
That's a pretty long list (and some of you were complaining I only asked for 3)
You're all welcome to add more if you remember a good one.
Thanks a lot.
I'll listen to them all and tell you what I think...

Amu: Perhaps a little break and some music'd do you good.

A Journal Entry said...

1. Dancing in the moonlight - toploader
2. Me swing es tropical- quantic & nickodemus
3. Say - john mayer

these songs make me smile..

Seattle dude said...

Ginuwine: pony

Gypsy kings: Volare

Utada Hikaru: Tokyo nights

Sou said...

Just three ya moftareya?! Mean! ;p

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

Cat Powers - Lived in Bars


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