Wish You Were Here

Hello everyone!

I was so busy over the past few days, I didn't have time to blog and tell you that I'd be traveling to Jordan for 5 days with the family. So anyway, I'm here now, in the land of the Dead Sea :)

I've been here before, but I hadn't stayed long enough to visit all the cool tourist attractions. This time though...I shall hopefully make it to Petra and the Dead Sea...and if my conscience keeps nagging me, I shall hopefully post pictures and keep you updated.

And as agonizing as huge family group vacations are (trust me I've tried and suffered) it's still really fun to have everyone around. So far the bus trips have proven to be quite an amusing event, although the bus driver might disagree. Let's hope this happy-go-lucky atmosphere carries on till we reach Kuwait.

Oh yes, and my dad had to stay at the hotel because of post-flight headaches and dizzyness :( I really felt bad about leaving him behind on our first day. I hope he feels better in the morning.

Stay tuned for more juice on the trip.

P.S. Freddie Mercury look-alikes have been popping up quite frequently these days...to my delight of course! ;)


Kaileena said...


long time no see!
have fun!

See you soon!

jesterat314 said...

cool.. have fun

Big Pearls said...

enjoy it:)

do0da said...

i really suck at the whole going to tourist attractions thingie :P

if i were to quote Collin Farrel ib in Bruges who mimicked my thoughts on the thing: " If I grew up on a farm, and was retarded, Bruges might impress me but I didn't, so it doesn't."

A Journal Entry said...

have fun =)

Amethyst said...

1. Ana za3lana!;(

2. Enjoy it! And make sure you remember the amusing stories!;p

3. Ana za3lana!;(

Delicately Realistic said...

Hope ur dad is better now ;)


F. said...

Kaileena: Hey! I was wondering where you've been! Thanks :)

Jester: Thanks...I'll try

Big Pearls: I will

Do0da: I try not to suck...I think I'm okay at it

Journal Entry: Okay

Amethyst: 1. Laish???
2. That's great advice...*sigh*
3. Laish?!!!

Delicately Realistic: He's better...thank you.

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