You Have The Right

Because it is extremely important for each and every one of us to know what rights we have:

If everyone had all of these things...what kind of world would it be? Would it indeed become a utopia? Or would there still be struggle, hatred, prejudice and discrimination in the world?
Watching the film The Invasion a while back, I began thinking about how alien our world would become if we all got rid of our emotions. Ideally, a human race without emotion would mean that there would be no hatred, no fear, no greed or any other negative emotions that may cause conflict and war. But wouldn't that also get rid of happiness, love and all the other beautiful stuff we feel as well? Sure, we'd be a peaceful race but there wouldn't be any difference between us and, say, a bunch of vegetables...
Still...I'm not saying I'm against the universal declaration of human rights.


Ruby Woo said...

I loved the video!

but I didn't quite understand what you meant?

Think-Become said...

i would have to say that life is great as it is.. oo humans are not perfect and i like them as they are ma3a their poverty wars and all the negativeness and positiveness..

F. said...

Ruby Woo: What I'm trying to say is whether emotionless people would make a better world or not...since emotions like hatred and greed for examples can cause conflict between people.

Think-Become: Yes, I think I agree.

A Journal Entry said...

the video 3ajeeeb!

Kaos said...

I ABSOlutely LOVED the video
If you take emotions out of the picture that won't stop violence for example which is not necessarily a direct result of hatered.

Humans have emotions naturally and instead of trying to avoid them we should live with them. The founding fathers in the US for example recognized that by stating that people have the right for their "pursuit of happiness"

F. said...

A Journal Entry: Glad you did.

Kaos: Good point.

Livingmylife said...

i loved that vid! every minute of it ..

practicing these rights i believe will do no harm because us humans are meant to make mistakes .. and are meant to think negative thoughts ..

which is also part of the on the rights " to think what u want .. and say wat u like "

so technically .. i dont think this will bring world peace .. i think it will make this world just a little bit better ..


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