Between You and Me

As promised, here are a couple of pictures of the flag I made last week.

I watched a couple of episodes of this show that seems to be all the rage right now. It's called "Bayni O Baynkom" (Between You and Me) and it's aired on Flash TV, it's charismatic (or so they say) host is one "Bo Kharshad." Now I thought I'd raise a couple of questions regarding this trend that seems to be all the hype right now (yes there are others like this one on other channels.) It's basically a show with very little on the screen but the host ( I don't know whether they were trying to go for a minimalistic look, or perhaps their low budgets can provide for little more than just that...) and the host basically rants about negative issues going on in the country with a call coming in every now and then from a dedicated or amused viewer who either praises or makes fun of the said host. Now, why has there become this general tendency for us to just rant and complain about things? Sure, through this kind of behaviour we uncover the problems that we believe are being neglected, but I don't feel like these peoples' purposes are to bring change, I honestly believe they just want to rant. And why are viewers pulled in by this type of show? I seriously feel like I'm losing brain cells watching them. Try it, and tell me what you think. I feel like I know all this stuff already, and that what we really need are people who are willing to actually do something about these problems, rather than just act all concerned and rant about them on TV. We can all be doing something more useful with our time, like read a good book, go out for a walk, spend time making constructive chit-chat with family members, or better yet work do something that will make Kuwait a better place than it already is.

I'd like to hear your take on this. Post a comment.


PHILYRA said...

I love the flag! Very creative mashallah! Dont know anything about the show so cant really judge :)

A Journal Entry said...

wow! the flag looks amazing mashallah!

oo about the showm unfortunatly this is the new habba lil asaf.. oo i think they only spread negativity oo efarrig bain il nas oo yizra3 il kirh..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i really like it =)

very creative mashsallah =)

F. said...

Philyra: Glad you like it. I don't recommend that you watch it. :P

A Journal Entry: Thank you. And I agree with you about the show.

Dandoon: I take it you mean the flag. Thank you. ;)

S E 7 E N said...

1) nice flag

2) i asked my self the samething about barnamig il diwaniya ile 3ala marina fm .. then my parents just said 1 thing that made sense IL GAMHOOR 3AYIZ KIDA ... fa sij il nas ib hel deera idawroon ayshay sakheef oo itab3oona ....

F. said...

I love it.

why do we have the same name?;p

eshda3wa said...

wayed 7elo el flag

oo hal shows ma 3ndihum salfa

there are no solutions whatsoever

like u said

total waste of time

F. said...

Se7en: Thank you. I totally agree...but why has the general taste of our community gone down lately?

F.: Glad you do...and I have no idea... :P

Eshda3wa: Glad you liked the flag. :D

Glitter said...

Love it :-)
The flag I mean,
NOT the show!!

A friend called me a couple of days ago and said lay6oofich switch on Flash TV..

I didn't even know there existed such a channel!!

Anyway, I did, and in just 5 seconds, I wish I hadn't.

It's exactly like you said, my brain was traumatized!

I shut down the TV and went back to reading mn InStyle magazine.

Moos the Monk said...

nice flag! (translates into: 5oosh 3alam wallah ya bnayti)

As for the show, I haven't seen it really, saw shwayya from the one on ScopeTV (which has nothing to do with Scopes or anything) I think it's just people are new to these kinds of shows here in Kuwait, though they existed barra min zeman... it's just a "habba"... w ba3dain rabe3na hni emelloon ebser3a! if it's any good it's gonna be there for a long time, which I doubt really...

Nada Faris said...

I don't see why people are shocked about the shows....They're like blogs/vlogs. Most bloggers/vloggers just bitch and moan about the state of this country and the comments either agree or yetmas5eroon 3ala the writer. So rather than reading blogs, or surfing, you can "enjoy" them in the comfort of your own living room, at reasonable hours and using content that strikes home. (I use "enjoy" sarcastically, of course).

Nada Faris said...

OH! And that's a beeeeeooootifoool flag :D

Teddy B. said...

People in this country rant rant rant, complain about this and that and how our government restricts and condemns and causes even more problems. But they usually do this while sitting on their couch or in a dewaniya. And I'm talking about the liberals, or educated people mainly.. because if I'm not mistaken, we're not getting the improvements we want because the people who are getting up and doing something are the majority. The majority unfortunately are ignorant, or lean on religion to get what they want for the wrong reasons. I believe if something should be done in this country then fight for it. Not through the phone, but right in front of the national assembly and call the media and create a fuss. Justify your actions don't do them because your spoilt, after all, aren't we a democracy?

Teddy B. said...

See how I just complained whilst sitting on my chair? :p typical. It's in our blood coz we inter breeeeeed!

F. said...

"If you wanna make the world a better place...take a look at yourself and make a change!" Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror

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