It's been hectic the past week. I feel like someone's plucked me out of my context and put me somewhere else.

I am finally working. I started last week. I'm really glad I found something similar to what I wanted...something that'll give me adequate training for my future plans. Like I said, it was a little hectic, all with settling in, getting to know the place and the staff, working out my duties etc.
But I'm optimistic. Hopefully it'll be a good experience to say the least. I'll let you know how it's going.
The thing is though, after spending a whole year at home, it's kind of weird spending less time at home and with the family. And I don't have to mention the waking up early part. I haven't done that in ages, so I'm adjusting.

I went to 360 Mall last weekend. It seems like a nice shopping mall...I mean what else can I say. But there was one thing that impressed me very much and that's the Om Kulthoom Museum they're holding there. It was really impressive. A good marketing tool too, to get people to visit the mall. Although you don't really need to spend that much of an effort marketing for a mall in Kuwait...Anyway, back to the museum, it's definately worth visitng.

What else can I cram into this post...let's see. Oh yes. Comedy. I never considered myself as a fan of the genre of comedy. I actually thought I hated it. I felt like it was unsophisticated, meaningless clowning around. I don't want to mention any names, but let's just say that the "comedians" I was exposed to prior to this point in time, weren't funny. They weren't funny, they weren't artisits, they weren't talented (And the list could go on and on and on...) But recently, I have seen the light, so to speak. I wandered unchartered paths and discovered treasures I never knew existed, great names like Jerry Lewis, Groucho Marx and Charlie Chaplin, and now I can't stop admiring the gem that is comedy.

I feel like this topic is going to take many more words to cover, and I really want to share my new fascination with you, so I'll stop here today, but I promise to write more on this subject.

Until then...


Patrick Semaan said...

Congrats on your new job and good luck with that.

It will take you a little time to adjust but eventually you will give in to the routine...

A Journal Entry said...

the 1st few weeks are the hardest.. u'll get used to it afterwards..

eshda3wa said...


this i cant believe

im glad ur likeing i t

winshallah u wont be disappointed

F. said...

Patrick: Thank you. I hope you're right.

A Journal Entry: Thanks...and again, I hope you're right.

Eshda3wa: :D I know, right?! The impossible has finally become possible! Thanks for your kind words dear. ;*

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