Tennis Ball Fuzz and Movie Review

I've been going with my family to play tennis in one of the courts in a nearby district. It feels great to finally be able to get a real taste of what it's like to be on court, having real tennis sensations. (Those who know me will also know that I am a fan of the sport.)
Anyway, so we were playing yesterday, and I have to tell you, the court is pretty much neglected. It's in better shape than many others that I've been to, but still, it could be much much better. (I keep going off track!)
Right, so we were playing, then along comes the "Hariss" or the ground-keeper (?!) and says that women aren't allowed on the court.
Yes, he said that.
My uncle, who'd come along to play, went up to him and asked him why women aren't allowed, who came up with such a rule, to go tell on us if he was serious, and that we weren't moving!
We didn't leave, rest assured. But I was pissed off at what had happened. I even missed a couple of balls because of it. What has become of us, of this country, of our mentalities?

On a lighter note, here's another movie review for you:

Nuovomondo. An Italian film, worthy in my opinion to be called art. It tells the story of an extremely poor Sicilian family which sets to migrate to the New World at the beginning of the 20th century. The story is imaginatively directed, superbly acted out. The characters who in reality are illiterate, simple and poor, are in fact deep, mysterious and sublime. The movie has a mystical quality, sometimes sureal and fantastical. The music is very fitting, adding great deapth to the film. A great one. If you don't mind following subtitles, I definately recommend it. (I personally found the Italian dialogue quite captivating.)

The trailer:

Speech translated:

"We're here to ask you something...Should we part to America, or should we stay here? Give us a sign...a sign."

From the creator of Respiro

Emanuele Crailese's new film Nuovomondo


Amethyst said...

Women aren't allowed on the court?

Funny on so many levels..

f7ee7eely said...

Ok I aint a fan of tennis but I sure as hell a HUGE fan of Anna Kournikova :P

jesterat314 said...

Haven't seen the movie.. but I'm a huge fan of Charlotte Gainsbourg.. have you seen the science of sleep? one of my favorites..

D ;P said...

As a tennis player i'm insulted! Next time, you and I will go play, and lets see if he dares to say something!

On a lighter note.....the movie appears to be very interesting.

miss you :**

F. said...

Amethyst: LOL...I know!

F7ee7eely: So you're into her looks?

Jester: OMG! I love that movie! This one has a similar feel. I highly recommend it.

D: We should! I miss you too love.

do0da said...

what else will they fuck up in this country

f7ee7eely said...

name one straight male specie who isnt into her looks?:P

I know a guy who knew squat about tennis and now he attends her tournemants whenever he gets the chance hehe

3afwan bs so2alech jara7 rjoolty:PP

f7ee7eely said...

dooda ever thought that we are the fuck ups not the country?

Ruby Woo said...

F7ai7eely Bithab6. It's not the country, it's the people!

The movie sounds promising. I love foreign movies.

likeairillrise said...

Sounds like a good movie...

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