Comfortably Numb

I was visiting Do0da's blog and getting a glimpse of his profile before I entered his blog, I realised that I hadn't changed my "Occupation" field.

I am no longer a student. Or I am currently not a student anymore.

Does it suck that I am now a nothing? I mean I'm a girl, yes. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend...but I'm also a nothing. Heh.

I'm not one for freaking out at something like that...but I kinda need your comforting words. So bring 'em on.

I advised my mum to do puzzles like Sudoku, crosswords and Rubik cubes because I'd heard that working your brain like that prevents one from getting Alzhimers. At the time she said that she'd do whatever she liked, even if it was to sit on the couch all day long watching Desperate Housewives on her laptop. But as I'm writing this post she's sitting infront of me scribbling on the puzzle page in the newspaper. How cute is that?!


Seattle dude said...

Well your not going through anything out of the ordinary.

I dont know if thats comforting or not, but what i would do is that i'd try to find some career starting point after some soul searching and so on.

It'll take you a while, took me years literally, but in the end you'll make a choice that can live with and even enjoy....

So.....release yourself to the world my friend!

The Archer said...

You'll never be a nothing Jewelz! Not while we're around.

You're currently.. umm.. unemployed? That's something right? or you could say.. ummm.. I got nuthin'

Allah ya7fith ahalich o ahalna mil Alzheimers and other diseases we5aleelina eyahom goolay ameen :D

Bal'3ay salamee to the entire family, especially little "B" :)

Amethyst said...

Like I told you earlier, it'll pass. You'll be able to make a decision better if you let it hang in the air for a bit.

And you're not nothing, you're F. and I love you;*

Your mom = cuteness! Give her Soduko! I used to be addicted to it;p

do0da said...

ana ma9adagt i change it ! :P UNEMPLOYMENT IS BLISS !

I can sleep and i can sleep and i can sleeeeeep some more :P

so see nothing is good :r ull miss nothing when u lose it

oo and i looove sudoku puzzles especially the extremely hard ones

KTDP said...

enjoy this brief spell of unemployed bliss; go see places you've always wanted to see and read stuff you've always put off because the minute you start working you'll be sucked into the monotony of working in a place which seems to become blander and more uneventful by the minute.

So much so that tea flavored drivel called a "lipton chai latte" makes you go running from co-op to co-op like a crazed junkie looking for a fix (it took me a week to source the stuff .... I'm not telling )

(p.s. love your blog too)

Ruby Woo said...

itshawiiiig! o ya7lailha ur mom knows how to use a laptop? My mom zain minwa it3aref 7ag her mobile!

You are currently unemployed! Simple as that.

Hamitaf La B said...

your actually... lucky.... in a stage where you don't have to worry about waking up really early in the morning to go to work... plus you don't have to study for exams all night or whatever....

Life as the unemployed is something to cherish!!

And your mom is adorable!

AnGeL said...


AnGeL said...

(this is as edited version of my previous comment :D)
you're F. lol and u reminded me i haven't changed my occupation either. but for me i'm an employee now :D :D

and your mom is so cute aww :)

eshda3wa said...

ur not a nothing, ur simply in transition
from being something
to a better something inshallah

F. said...

Seattle Dude: Thanks a million.

Archer: Allah ysalmik. Missing you!

Amethyst: :)

Do0da: LOL. Thanks Do0da.

KTDP: Thanks for sharing your wise words oh wise one.

Ruby Woo: LOL. Cute.

Hamitaf: If you say so :) Thanks

Angel: LOL. Congratulations!!! ;)

Eshda3wa: Allah ysma3 minnich :)

manutdfanatic said...

Yes, you're not nothing. You're "F".

^and that when I don't even know you personally. See?

Enjoy the lazy phase while it lasts dear. :*

jesterat314 said...

i cant imagine not being a student.. been so long..
and it'll pass.. trust me.. no one is a nothing

Big Pearls said...

oooh I love puzzles!

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