I'm More Dipsy Than Laa-Laa

I know it's been so long. I just felt rather empty...out of words, you know? But I'm back now, so you're going to have to put up with me again :P

A little update on the tennis issue I wrote about here. My dad visited the "hay2a" or the association for youth and sport. He talked to the man in-charge about how we were kicked out of the tennis court, not once but twice, because we were girls. My dad wanted to know if there was anything written that forbid females from playing in these public courts. And it turns out there isn't. The guy said that it was just a "3urf" or a tradition that females don't play sport, and that if anybody associated with the relgious party in the parliament found out that there were females playing on the courts, that these guys would get into trouble.
We are going to play tennis tomorrow, whether they like it or not.
But it hurts to know that this is what it has come down to in Kuwait.

I wanted to review La Vie En Rose, but I'm having second thoughts.


Seattle dude said...

screw the religious party, in the ear.

a lot.


A Journal Entry said...

this is really sad.. ta5aluf =(

N. said...

Go play as much as you like, and if they tell you to get off tell them that there is no law to stop them etc..

If things get out of hand, you make this public and we'll see how the rest of the country handles it.

I was just thinking about the sports issue over the weekend actually.. hmmm.. I might even post about it this week later

but just know, we, and everyone else here is behind you on this :)

AnGeL said...

WHAT THE HELL??? are they stupid a=or they're acting like it??

it's really sad to see how far it got over here :(

ignore them. go play. they can't do anything about it

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