Here Comes the Sun

She was tired of reading on the couch, and she had read in bed for too long she was starting to get worried about bed rash. So she decided to sit on the carpet, with her head resting on the sofa behind her. Very soon she realised that she loved this spot. It would be her new reading spot, the sunshine coming in from the large window behind her flooding the pages of the novel, and surrounding her with a lovely warmth.


She realised her book was not shining anymore. She put it down and stared at the carpet infront of her. Lying across it was a small rectangle of golden light. The carpet had stolen her sunshine. How good had I been to the carpet, she thought. Treading on it softly and never spilling anything on it, ever. And now, how rude of it to rob me of my sunshine. She snapped out of this reverie and looked back at the carpet, puzzled. The size of the sunshine had shrunken considerably so that it was now a mere strip of light. She watched as it continued to get smaller and smaller, until finally it was gone altogether.


She pushed her book aside and thought she'd write instead. The sun would be back tomorrow.


jesterat314 said...

beautiful in its simplicity.. nice

'Her come the sun.. do do do..'

AnGeL said...

beautiful...simply sweet :)

think-become said...

The sun would be back tomorrow.

yes, indeed. it is going to be back tomorrow too. very interesting piece, i interpreted the sun as the hope that humans need, which comes out everyday. as if there is always hope everyday.

I enjoyed your post, and I am glad that i have visited your blog.

Hussain said...

me likes it. you should write some more. i think i need to discover a reading spot. I can't seem to find one. bed makes me sleep ... and so does the couch.

A Journal Entry said...

v.nice =)

Eostre said...

Pretty and a little melancholy. A case of the whole sunset vs. sunrise thing? I've always preferred the former.

I've been having a serious case of Beatlemania these past few days, this sort of ties in with that.

anamethystworld said...

I love! I used to follow the light and place the page where the square/strip is:)

F. said...

Jester: Thanks ;)

Angel: Thank you :*

Think-Become: I'm glad you enjoyed it...please come again!

Hussain: Yes sir.

Journal Entry: Thanks :)

Eostre: Glad you enjoyed it.

Amethyst: :D

Oranjina fadidra said...

who needs the sun? when you can jump over the moon?

your such a creative narrator F.

Disturbed Stranger said...

I love reading and writing in dark corners... more peaceful than the annoying sun.

wonderfully written though!

F. said...

Oranjina: Next time perhaps...Thank you so much. That means a lot.

Disturbed Stranger: But how can you see? Thanks.

Delicately Realistic said...

Very nicely written.

marooned84 said...

That was simply BEAUTIFUL! It somehow reminded me of Woolf's way of writing, only a little bit less complicated.

PaLoMiNo said...

I loved the last sentence... The sun would be back tomorrow... amazing:)

F. said...

DR: Thank you :)

Marooned84: WOW! Woolf?! Great honour. Thank you so much.

Palomino: Indeed it will. Glad you liked it. :D

His Sweetheart said...

That's a very beautiful descrition of the sunset, its warmt and the fuzzy feelingwe get while reading.

i am loving your blog. You better get used to seeing me here ;D

F. said...

His Sweetheart: Thanks and 7ayach Allah.

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