Singing in the Rain

I was watching the National Assembly's first meeting today. As usual, they are voting on all the different committees and their members. Something struck me as bizarre and so I just want to comment on the MP's who choose not to vote on any article or committee or whatever they might be asked to vote for/against.

"Mumtani3."(I refuse to vote.)

Who came up with such an option?! What does it tell us when an MP refuses to state their opinion about a certain issue? What's the point of them being in the Assembly if they refuse to vote? They are basically refusing to make a difference, refusing to do their jobs! And what excuse could there be for this kind of behaviour other than the fact that they hope not to displease any party; neither their electors nor their fellow MP's or the governemt. Fear of being blamed for anything that might go wrong later on because of their decision...

If you strive to become a member of parliament, you are expected to have a certain line of thought, and when you get to the "green chair" you are supposed to fight for those beliefs which your electors chose you for (perhaps not in reality, but ideally speaking.) And so you are not doing your job when you sit there and you deny your right, your duty, when the time comes to make the decision.


On a lighter note, here's a fantastic video for you. It's a commercial for a VW automobile. A remix (by Mint Royale) of the famous "Singing in the Rain" scene in which Gene Kelly is apparantly...poppin' it! Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

this ad is my favorite all time TV add, i remember when i watched it the first time while i was in the UK ;)

as for the pass vote thing, i think its common sense to have it. because not all things are right & wrong or left & right. i tend to think about this logically: the no pass vote is used when there is an issue of "time" involved. for example,if a vote was being cast on having political party system in kuwait, a pass vote implies that its 'not yet' the time for such thing and not necessarily its not applicable.

anamethystworld said...

I had that discussion with my uncle once. I don't care what feelings may be involved. They should be pushed aside because it's their job to make a decision. Losers.

F. said...

Anon: I get that you think I'm over-reacting, possibly even posing an illogical argument...But I shall proceed to counter your argument:
Even if it's not time yet...if the majority vote for something that is in the long run "bad"...then they've made a bad decision, the ones who chose to pass, that is.

Amethyst: :)

Eostre said...

I have more respect for the politicians that abstain than for those that are conveniently elsewhere. The ones that abstain are taking a position of neutrality on an issue, the ones that are hiding in a bathroom stall are the ones that we should be hating on.

Love the vid, just funny.

F. said...

Eostre: Oh yeah, definately...those ones are not even worth mentioning.

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