In an attempt at getting my writing mojo back in action, I've decided to take a look back on some random old posts of mine, with the hope of finding that lost spark.

I have to say, it was quite interesting. A lot of the time I would be like: "I wrote that?!" or "What was going on when I wrote that?" And to be frank, and if I dare say so myself, I was impressed with a lot of the things I had written.
I also went back and read some of your old comments. Your comments are really important and are a great source of motivation that pushes me to do something about writing again, because part of why I do this is to get feedback from readers, so...

Something tells me I could use this extra long Eid break wisely and try to come up with something. I'm going to try and continue with some fiction I started in 2008. We'll see how that goes.

Also I want to update my iPod. Watch a couple of movies. Maybe draw something.

So far it's been family get-togethers, which is'nt bad. I think seeing family is a healthy thing. And with it being Eid, everyone's there, and everyone's put that extra effort in looking good, and being nice and swell etc.

This is the first Eid I don't get any Eidiyas. :( It felt weird.

Wishing you all a happy Eid.


Q80thug said...

if you think not getting a eidiyah is weird wait till you have to dish out eidiya to others......

good luck with your writing, i too thought about utilizing the 9 days holiday to rekindle some of my hobbies. :)


F. said...

Q80Thug: Maybe not weird, just different. And I think you should rekindle your hobbies. Hobbies are good. :)

Euphoria said...

Yeah! I think I'm gonna start giving eideyya to my sisters.. Bs at least al7madelah I'm still getting mine :P

F. said...

Euphoria: It feels great to give doesn't it.

On-The-Rocks said...

I love your writings. I do the same sometimes, looking at old posts and get amazed by some of the things I wrote. Not many of'em but some, yet it is worth it to look in to your archives and get encouraged to keep on writing. quantity doesn't matter as long as you keep on writing and giving us the chance to read what you've written. looking forward for your fiction posts!

Moos the Monk said...

I stopped taking 3aiadi when since I was 18 (ya3ni 9ert rayyal ma3a raasi)and I only give 3eedya to my little sister

well, keep up the good work and write write write ;-)

F. said...

On The Rocks: Thank you so much. I'm flattered. I'll hopefully come up with something soon.

Moos: Yes sir!

eshda3wa said...


get it in ur head


ana ba3ad my first 3eed without 3ediyas :(

F. said...

Eshda3wa: Aw! Thank you.

It feels weird doesn't it???

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