Fire Truck

At the risk of repeating myself, I post this video. I couldn't resist the urge of sharing the utter genius, the sheer magnificense, the irresistable charm of Michael Bublé.
He's hip, he's hot, and he's happening. His music FEELS good. It really does.
I don't want to keep going on and on for fear of uncovering my secret obsession/crush (call it what you may)...
Just watch the video... :)

And now, at the risk of contradicting myself, I absolutely cannot wait. (Refer to the post before last if you don't get the joke. If you still don't get it, then I should stop trying to be funny.)

**Update on the writing: We're getting there.



Q80thug said...

according to the internet, buble falls under the category of:


brown-suger said...


Moos the Monk said...

OMG! OMG! he like sings about love like about like like!! OMG! OMG!


F. said...

Q80thug: Not sure I get what you mean... :/

Brown-Sugar: ME TOO!!!

Moos: Haha. "If you cannot think of anything appropriate to say, you will please restrict your remarks to the weather." ~ Sense and Sensibility (1995) :-P

AnGeL said...

kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak F. ur reply to Moos is epic looooooooool the best comment i've ever read in my life loooooool love u :*
Moos: af7imtik ;)

oh, and about Buble , do i really need to say more? i ran out words to describe my love to him *sigh* :*

Moos the Monk said...

ollah ollah! eshda3wa
all I did is make fun of his name...
w hathi el thanya etgool af7ematni madri sheno... I wonder what ":-p" means in your dictionaries, really... in mine, it emphasizes a joke in case it might not be clear...
yallah 5alloha 3ala allah :-)

F. said...

Hehe, it just seemed like you were making fun of me because I liked him, so I got a little defensive. All I did was quote something from a movie...

No hard feelings man.
The definition of ":-P" is the same in my dictionary.

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