Human Nature

I went to see This Is It at the IMAX theatre in 360 last night. Glad I did. Mainly because I got to sit back and groove to all his great songs.

Singing along and snapping my fingers to the beat...I genuinely had a good time and I now have MJ's song list on constant playback in my head.

He exuded professionalism, an immense attention to detail, and just pure love for what he was doing...he was passionate about making people happy with great music right to the end...

WEEKEND!!! Woohoo!

I miss my sister. She studies in Canada and is persumably emmersed in examinations right now...so I haven't talked to her in ages. Missing you girl.

I want to buy flowers...roses...

And the weather is amazing...fine drizzles in the early morning hours...with the great roar of thunder every now and then...mainly the overcast colour grey. Oh and the wind...ahhh the wind.


Nwr said...

I miss you too girl!! ;)

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