Moody P

This week was the absolute opposite of its predecessor. I feel like I have nothing to do at work, constantly find myself looking at the time.

My work at home has been far more productive (don't get excited - it was small in size but more productive than work at work!) The Unfolding of Language is very interesting...and so easy to read. I always put off non-fiction because I feel like the seriousness is such a bummer and thus inappropriate for a light, after-hard-working-day (yeah right!) kinda read. But this book has proven me wrong. It's insightful, very interesting and informative but remains down to earth and cleverly humourous.

Going to see This Is It on IMAX today. Not so excited to be honest. But I promised my sister I would go, so...
Also, the 34th annual book fair was launched this morning...I'm sure it won't be any different from the ones before, but I might go in search for some good reads.

33 hours and 17 minutes to the weekend. COME ON!


Moos the Monk said...

hope you had a nice weekend ;-)

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